The award-winning broadcast journalist Jamie Colby has become everyone's topic of interest since her controversial divorce from her husband Marc Wallace.

After being married for several years, the couple finally called it quits in 2011 creating a shocking news among their fans. The stupendous woman who works as the lead host of Strange Inheritance ended her marriage tragically with the reputed surgeon Dr. Marc Wallace.      

Well, now everyone wants to know if the beautiful host is still single or has moved on? Let's find out.

Jamie Colby and Marc Wallace Divorced in 2011

Jamie and Marc married each other organizing a grand wedding quite privately amidst close friends and families. However, this marriage could not see it's forever after, as it ended shortly in 2011.

Source: Fox News

Their divorce was out of the blue as the couple seemed to be even happier and well-bonded after going through the major heart surgery of Marc back in 2010.

Source: The Fabulous Report

Well, the couple were not destined to be together and hence parted ways.

Jamie was married before 

Jamie had already tied knots in her early twenties with her first husband with whom she had a long relationship in the past.

However, details of her first husband are not available on the web and also, the marriage ended in a divorce after a couple of years.

Source: Frost Snow

Not only that, The Daily Beast reports that Jamie has a son from her first marriage who lives with her and she's taking care of him alone.

The source further claimed that the twice-divorced mother of a college-age son broke into television news relatively late—after a lucrative career as an entertainment and real estate lawyer in California and Florida

The reason behind their divorce

The couple seemed to be getting along really well but who knew they were on the verge of ending their marriage. The pair was actually having irreconcilable issues that landed them on the sinking boat.

Source: FoX Business video

Reasons for their divorce have not been disclosed yet but, some sources claimed that about 20 years of gap in their age could be one of the reasons. However, there is no plausible evidence to prove this matter.

Rumors of Jamie back in the dating game

Still sexy and beautiful 46-year-old Jamy has all it takes to make a man fall in love with her and rumors have been swirling up on the media about her dating some guy.

Well, to clear the air, Jamie is still single and not dating anybody. Her already failed two marriages, might have made her realize to focus more on her self and her career than any other man.

She is seen active on her social media sites as she posts pictures of her work as well as of her dog which she adores completely.


Who needs @waze I've got the best #copilot #baileycolby #goldenretrieversarethebest

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She also manages time for her friends and family and goes on dinners and parties. It seems she's enjoying her single life very much.


Yes we are enjoying tonight and helping #NICU #families @miraclebabies #gala #whereintheworldisjamiecolby

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Here's a video of Jamie Colby reporting live at Fox News.

Well, we wish that Jamie soon finds the right man for her life and settle down happily with everlasting marriage and a wonderful family in future.

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