Cameron Dallas basically resides in every teen hearts nowadays. He is the one with whom every girl want to date and every guy wants to be.

He is no rock star but he is the superstar of the social media vines, tweeter, Instagram,Youtube he is everywhere and there are millions of followers.

The big sensation from the vine and other social media was seen enjoying his time girl resulting breaking every heart of young girls.

It is not justice for the teen girls but we love the fact that he is now in love with someone. On 1st April 2014, he posted photos that give us the proof that he is dating.

Dating with Rachel Bentley

Cameron is not reserved type of guy but his relationship status was always a mystery for millions of followers. On 1 April 2014, a photo was on Instagram of Cameron Dallas with Rachel Bentley.

Rachel was a California cheerleader and she is also popular in social medias too.

Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley

Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley
Many photos were seen from that day and following days. Rachel and Cameron were kissing and having a good time together near the sea.
The rumors stated that Bryant Eslava (26MGMT photographer) has taken those hot and happening photos. He uploaded these photos with a caption saying, “he’s “taken.
Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley kissing on the beach

Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley kissing on the beach

The truth behind the photos of the rumored couple

Later it was revealed that he was pranking his fans as it was on April fool’s day. We can all agree on the fact that he is the greatest prankster pulling this stunt on the fans.

He might have given some fans heart attack for sure. But was it really a prank? Well, they did have some kind of past together.

Cameron did say on his twitter account that he was not hiding her but he is single now. Rachel and Cameron did have the past we all know. 

They were seen holding hands; they were seen on airport together, she also helped Cameron on planning his mother's birthday and many other shreds of evidence.

Rachel and Cameron holding hands

 Rachel and Cameron holding hands

Cameron Dallas's dating life

In YouNow steam Cameron did gave us something on his secret dating life. We all know that there are few officials girlfriends that he has accepted in the media. He says in YouNow online site.

“Alright. I’ll answer how many girlfriends I had if I get to 13,000.” After some time he said Then a few seconds later, he said, “Okay. I just got to 13,000. Nevermind! Oh… that was a lot easier than I thought.”

In this YouNow he did accept of having one official girlfriend and that he had when he was in junior high and she was his official girlfriend and he did ask her out. The lucky girl's name was Jasmine.

“And we talked for like, four months, and we went out for like three months, I think. Okay.”

“Who broke up with who? Um. It was kind of a mutual thing. Kind of. I mean, I was a junior, so it was kind of like an immature, like whatever thing.”

Well, he did say now he is single and we know he is not currently married or anything. So girls out there keep on praying and hope.

Maybe you will get lucky and someday Cameron may notice you in that crowd until then best regards to all his girl fans.


Cameron Dallas

California local Cameron Dallas has increased more than 15 million consolidated adherents on online networking in under a year.


Cameron's Vines frequently co-star his companions in relatable circumstances, draws, and difficulties. Whether creating content alone or with his gathering of companions, Cameron has exhibited the capacity to connect with his fans over various channels and stages.

Cameron most as of late won Teen's Choice Favorite Viner at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. He is likewise in the lead role  in a 2014 full-length film, "Expelled" which appeared at the highest point of the iTunes motion picture download Chart.

Similarly, He is the new face of Calvin Klein and has done other movies like 'Outfield' and 'Neighbour 2'.