A popular correspondent for the Fox News Channel Catherine Herridge has been entertaining her viewers since 1996. She is a very passionate and hardworking person who loves her job and has also earned several achievements including name, fame, and money.

Besides this, she is also a happily married woman. Her husband JD Hayes, who is an Air Force Lt. Col has always been a huge support in her life. The couple also has two children together Peter and Jamie.

Married life of Catherine Herridge and JD Hayes

Catherine and JD have been married for several years and they are still going very strong with no rumors of any extra-marital affairs or a divorce.

Like every other couple they also faced numerous ups and downs in their relationship but they have certainly worked out all those problems as they are still together happy and in love.

Unfortunately, their son, Peter, was diagnosed with a biliary atresia which was a rare liver disease. Both JD and his wife were terrified by the news but they fought together in that situation with each other's support and love.

According to Catherine, her partner has always been the biggest support system to her and it was his care, support, and love which gave her the strength to deal with their son’s medical condition.

Catherine and JD‘s battle against their son’s cancer

The two of them has been blessed with two children a son Peter and a daughter Jamie. Everything was perfect for them until they found out that their son was battling cancer.

It was the most frightening and emotional period of their life. For the parents their child is everything and they can do whatever it takes to protect them.

Similarly, the couple fought several months for their son. They waited for several months with a hope of finding a donor for the transplant but they were not able to find one.

However, with the advice of the doctor, Catherine agreed to become the donor but it was not the easy decision to make as she also had another child an eighteen months old daughter, Jamie.


Fortunately, she has her spouse who was ready to take all the responsibilities for his family. He not only took care of his baby girl but also his wife and son.


Currently, Peter is fine as he is as healthy as other normal kids. We must say the love, pray, and support of his parents really worked out for him.

Catherine actually gave a second life to Peter. When asked about giving second life to her son she said:
“Several people have said this to me and I guess that’s probably true in some ways but, you know, you give life to somebody once that’s a very big deal. I mean you can understand it if you’ve done it.”

She further added, “But several people have said to me it’s like giving him life a second time, which you know I never expected to, yes. And I really hope it works out for him.


Catherine’s career at Fox News Channel and legal disputes between them

She started her career as a London-based correspondent for ABC News and joined Fox News in 1996. She is undoubtedly one of the most talented and hardworking names in the journalism industry.

During her wonderful career, she has covered some wide range stories including the 2004 Democratic presidential elections, Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senate and the Washington, D.C. - area sniper attacks.

Though she is an honest and talented employee of the network but in 2007 she had legal disputes with Fox news regarding salary and benefits.


She filed a complaint with the EECO against the network as they were discriminating their employee. The network was paying a comparatively less salary to the women and the black correspondents.

However, the case was dismissed without giving justice to her and another employee of the network.

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