It’s been 3 years of marriage for actress Katrina Bowden and singer Ben Jorgensen. They are happy and are living a very peaceful life together. Recently, the couple bought themselves a new home in Hollywood hills. It seems they are going to start a family soon.

katrina and ben

New home of the couple

The “30 Rock” actress has bought a new home for $1.455 million. It is decorated with wood floor and vaulted ceilings. The living room and bedroom have wall fireplaces (marble-lined).

There are 4 bedrooms, the kitchen is with custom wood, a dining. Dividers of glass entryways carry a yard with a slate waterfall highlight inside.The house is of 2,600 square feet area and has open space too. There are two master suites having big closets and Juliet balconies.

Outside, dividers and fences give spread to an implicit grill and open-air eating territory. A pathway leads up the slope to a sitting region with perspectives of the encompassing mountains. 

katie new home

A little about Katrina Bowden' career

Katrina Bowden is famous for her role Cerie a hot and funny character from 30 rock. She was born on 19 September 1988 in Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA. Her middle name is Kay and her close friends call her Katie. She joined the now defunct Saint Thomas More School in Midland Park, New Jersey and later Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township, New Jersey. She first appeared in “One Life to Live” series (1968) in 2006. In 2011 she was "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine.

A little about Ben Jorgensen's career

Ben also knew by the name Slork was born on 4 July 1983, Teaneck, New Jersey, USA. He is a known from the band “Armor for sleep” he was singer and guitarist. He was also a drummer for Random task where he started his career. “There Is Nowhere Left to Go” is solo debut by Ben.

The love story of Katrina and Ben

In one of the interviews, Katrina shared her love story as

“I was in the Fall Out Boy music video when I was 16. And at the time he was in a band [Armor for Sleep] and he was really good friends with the guys in Fall Out Boy so they had him do a cameo. I knew [Armor for Sleep] because I had an ex-boyfriend who had loved his band and he brought me to one of their shows".

"I saw him onstage and I was instantly like [gasps], "Who is this guy?" And then I saw him at this video shoot. So I went up to him and I started talking to him. I had since broken up with this boyfriend and so we started dating. But he was like 21 and touring the country and I was in high school".

"So, it didn't work and it broke my heart, but we went five years without talking. He would e-mail me, though, like once a year for five years. Every time I got an e-mail from him it would break my heart a little bit.”

The wedding of Katrina and Ben

Katie and ben got married in January 2012. It was a rainy Sunday night but filled with dream and hopes in  Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The wedding was planned by the couple themselves and enjoyed every moment of it.

In an interview, she said, 'It's just crazy, I didn't know anything about weddings  It's just kind of nuts.”  The first dress she tried on for the ceremony won her heart and she chooses it herself.

On the wedding, there was tweet of the black hair groom as 'Life is worth it because love is here if we want it.’

They were together 3 years as boyfriend and girlfriend. Then they got engaged for like 15 months before their marriage. She said ben was very helpful and supported and he also chose the song "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" as Bowden walked down the aisle.

The couple wrote their own vows and ceremony was of 127 guests only. In rehearsal, there was special slideshow/video presentation made by Ben himself. Hawaii was chosen as their honeymoon destination.

She said: ''I think when you meet the right person; you just know that you want to be with them forever. I mean, I wouldn't have gotten married if I was 17 or 18, but we knew each other so long ago, and I loved him then, and then I loved him even more. It felt so right. I've never felt that way with somebody.''  

Currently, she is 29 years old. On September 2016 on her birthday she tweeted.


We hope that we will soon meet baby Katrina or baby Ben soon. Until then we just pray happiness for this couple.