The beautiful actress Song Hye-Kyo and the charming Song Joong-ki Wii are rumoured by fans and media that they are dating and there is going to be a wedding soon. The couple’s chemistry is perfect together and who does not want this cute couple from ‘Descendants of the sun’ to be married soon. If you watch the drama and their videos of events you will think the same. But let’s discuss facts first

How the rumours started

Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki Wii look perfect whether it’s on-screen drama or their interaction in public. Their eyes say it all. Their popularity has no limit and their fans following are across the globe. There are many rumours about the on-screen couple are dating. They have seen holdings hands while in red carpets, events and shopping together. GameNGuide (local news outlet like TMZ) reported Song-Song couple having dinner together in New York. Previously, it was also reported that they were dating and both shop together. The fans too have high hopes for the couple and they want to see both tying knots together soon.

song song couple

Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-ki

The coffee truck full of love

Everyone knows actions speaks louder than words and so when 34 years old sent Truck full of coffee and snacks to Joong-ki while he was sooting “Battleship Island” the secret love was surfaced in the media again. Some say the actress also met Song Joong in the sets of Battleship Island.


The new home of Song Hye-Kyo

Recently, the Song Hye-Kyo bought a house. It has also worked as oil in the fire of these rumours. Everyone thought that this was bought for Song-Song couple to live together in Seoul after their marriage. Later, it was found out that Hye-Kyo has bought this house on her mother name. The house net worth is $7 million and located in Seoul. The new house is located near where she is living. Currently she lives in “The Beverly Hills of Seoul” or the Hyundai Residential.

The private plane to China

Tiwan news misreported that Song Joong Ki provided a private plane for Song Hye-Kyo. But this misreport went viral. Joong Ki was in china for fan meeting event. Later, Blossom Entertainment expressed, “the private plane was a special gift by the organizers and sponsors who was incharge of fanmeeting in china.


Song Joong Ki statement on his love life   

Song Joong Ki (born September 19, 1985) is a private kind of man and wants his relationships to be as secret as it can be. When he was asked on SBS’s ‘One Night in TV Entertainment’ he said, “No comment. I enjoy dating in secret”

“I do not wear hats when I go on dates to make people not suspicious and they will think we are just friends. We also don’t visit the city; we rather date in remote areas where there are elders.”

This statements also gave a hype that he want to keep his relationship with Hye-Kyo secret and don’t want anyone to know.

song song couple 
The Descendants of the Sun actors

The fact

Song Joong Ki refers Song Hye-Kyo as an elder sister (Noona) and denies any fact that he is dating his co-star. He had affair in the past but he never revealed his girlfriend name who he was dating for 2 years.

"If I get a girlfriend, I won't spill the beans," Song Joong Ki said, "But if I get caught, I'll officially acknowledge the relationship." On the other hand, Song Hye –kyo also seems to deny the fact about being in love with Joong Ki and when asked about her thought on marriage she said, “Some days I think, ‘I have to get married soon,’ but other days I think there’s no need to get married when I’m enjoying life while doing something I love. But I should get married, shouldn’t I?”

But the fans are not giving up their hopes and want this charming couple to be together. Fans around the globe are waiting for a public announcement of Song-Song couple being married.