Pia Hontiveros, one of the powerful women of Philippines is the Chief Correspondent for CNN Philippines, the anchor of the network's flagship newscast Network News and the host of News.PH, a political talk show.

Being a beautiful woman with a charming yet confident personality, it might not be hard to decipher that she would have met lots of men drooling over her but this does not matter to her anymore because she is a happily married woman. She married R’win Pagkalinawan a long time ago and since then they are living happily as a perfect couple. 

A Sneak peak on Pia's Family

Pia and her husband got married after dating for several years. we can surely assume that they are one of the cutest and best couples as there have never been any issues or problems between them.   

Baby Zoe with his parents, Pia and R'win
She thinks that her husband is really supportive and whatever she is today it's because of her husband, and she takes him as a source of inspiration.

The pair also has 2 children together whose names are Zach and Zoe.

Baby Zoe with Pia's family

Her social medias, mostly, are void of any clue about her husband which is probably because she used her social media accounts more for her professional life than personal. 

Pia Hontiveros

Although it is very hard to detect her husband in her Instagram, there is a photo of her with him captioned “May 26, 2016, Beijing, China” and only one comment is there which says “With your bae”.


May 26, 2016. Beijing, China.

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For us, who have the internet with the tap of a finger know what a 'bae' means on social medias, right?

Pia's Love for Christmas

Similarly, her Instagram does scream her love for Christmas and how happy she becomes when that month of the year arrives. There are many photos on her Instagram that are related to Christmas.


"Then comes the big night, giving the tree a trim. You'll hear voices like starlight, sing in' a Yuletide hymn..." ??????

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Friday, Dec 9, 12:30am. I lay all the DECORS out on the floor first. These are accumulated over 26 years. ????

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Although Pia seems to be trying to keep her family's life out of media, there are loopholes and her fans too wouldn't let them enjoy the shadow much.