Home Article Instagrammer Jacob Campos, 14 know about his Career so far; is he already Dating someone?

Instagrammer Jacob Campos, 14 know about his Career so far; is he already Dating someone?

Updated On 26 Oct, 2017 Published On 26 Oct, 2017

Is the 14 years old Instagrammer, Jacob Campos dating someone?? Know all about his affairs and career here.

Jacob Campos, the 14-year-old is already gaining huge popularity through his videos and posts on Instagram. The young Instagrammer is entertaining all with his childish but funny videos on his 'imwoahjay' account.  

Surely, love is ageless so everyone wants to know if the young and popular Instagrammer is already dating someone. Does he have a girlfriend? What's his career so far?? We have all the answers here. 

Young Instagrammer Jacob Campos, Know his dating life

Jacob who earned the fame in his early teen started using Instagram at the age of 11. But, it was 2015 until he became the regular Instagrammer. Campos, young and cute with his amazing hairstyle surely has lots of female fans who want to date him.  

Well, it's a good news for the young girls !! Jacob is reportedly single. It is surprising as he is very young and is not ready to have a serious relationship.  

Instagrammer Jacob Campos

Young Instagrammer Jacob Campos, Source: Famous Birthdays

Jacob, famous among his colleagues is surely in good terms with all but this young guy, however, has not given a clear hint about his interest in any kind of relationships.

But, as we can see many young celebrities engaging in relationships, probably Jacob in near future may hit the news with his relationships. Let's see what time has to offer..... as of now enjoy some of his posts here.


Goodnight ? If viewing follow @iamwoahjay

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Its Friday right ??????

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Fame at the young age has granted Jacob more than 100,000 followers and not only his videos but also his hairstyle is grabbing a lot of attention. Jacob seems so active in posting new videos and making himself a viral subject on the Internet. 

While discussing his career, the 14 years old, gained fame on Instagram after posting selfies with Elena Brooke is now a rockstar of the Instagram.

Jacob, short videos regarding daily activities and satire are worth watching and he definitely has some potentials to be a media sensation in the days to come.   

Quick Facts about Jacob Campos

 Jacob Campos

Jacob while working in his video, Source: Famous Birthdays
  • Was born on March 5, 2003.
  • The birth sign is Pisces.
  • Has a backup Instagram account under the handle dabwjay.
  • Actively present in the Instagram as @iamwoahjay.
  • Resides with his parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • He loves to play basketball.

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