Jennifer Rubin who is pretty busy with her life as a conservative blog for the Washington Post moves from place to place in order to be close to her friend. 

The American journalist lives alongside her husband and two boys. She knows how to keep her personal life and professional life balanced and looks like that is the secret behind her successful marriage life.

Today in this section, we're going to take a look at her personal life. 

Jennifer Rubin's Personal Life with Husband and Children

Jennifer started her career as a lawyer in 2005. She used to work as Labor and Employment lawyer in Los Angeles, California. She worked in the Hollywood studios for around 20-years. 

She is famous for her work as a political blogger in various political gazettes including NY Post, National Review, The Weekly Standard, etc. 

Jennifer Rubin is married to Jonathan and shares two boys
Source: Breitbart

After seeing her illustrious career one can say it must be hard for her to spend time with her family. But she knows exactly how to manage her work and family.

The 55-years-old is married to Jonathan for a long time. She kept the information regarding her personal life a big secret. She and Jonathan met through their work. 

Her husband works as an accountant. The couple used to live in California before moving to Fairfax County back in 2005. According to a source, the reason for this big relocation was pure because of high taxation in the state of California.

The duo is also a parent of two boys. They welcomed their first son in 2001, whereas other in 1996. She keeps her personal life behind closed doors so not much is known about it. 

Short Detail on Jennifer Rubin's Professional Life

Jennifer currently writes the 'Right Turn' blog for The Washington Post. She also worked as Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events, and The Weekly Standard

Jennifer worked as a lawyer, then turned her attention towards Editorialist. She also works as the freelancer for the Weekly Standard when she offered them a column regarding the former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney

She then started working for The Washington Post in 2010 and wrote national news for the post. Jennifer follows the principle of American exceptionalism. She identifies herself as a 'conservative.' 

Quick facts: Jennifer Rubin

Source: Real Clear Politics
  • Born on 11 June 1962 (age 55), in California.
  • She belongs to the Caucasian race. 
  • She attended the University of California, Berkeley (BA, JD). 
  • She finished first at her college. 
  • Raised in the Jewish family.