If there's someone who hides her personal life exceptionally well, then it would be none other than Louisa James.

No one can comprehend how is she able to hide the identity of her child's father despite being so public for just about everything. Yeah, you read it right, she is a mother of a daughter, but the father of her child is still a big secret. 

Recently, Louisa is engaged to her secret boyfriend. Who is her partner or husband and the child's father? In this section, let's try to find the answer ourselves.

Louisa James-Hiding a Secret Relationship; Engaged to her secret Boyfriend 

Okay, it's no surprise to hear that a journalist or celeb is keeping their personal life low profile. It's how they differentiate themselves from the crowd and keep everyone guessing.


Louisa presenting the morning news bulletin, Central News, Source: TV Newsroom

There can be a valid reason for it as well so we shouldn't intrude in their personal life.

But Louisa's case is pretty different as the ITV channel newsreader doesn't keep everything behind closed doors, except info related to her boyfriend or fiance or husband.


Whenever question-related to her daughter's father pops out, she tries to avoid the question and hides from it.

You must be thinking as to how are we so sure if her daughter isn't born through insemination as oppose to the other approach.

Well, first of all, she shared a picture of a certain man sitting along with her daughter, feeding the skeins, and captioned the image, #Happy Fathers Day.

See for yourself and tell us in the comment section about what you think about this.



A post shared by Louisa James (@louisa_james) on

Furthermore, she is wearing a ring on her ring finger, which only adds to the speculation. Still not satisfied, okay then how about this one, a photo of a man, which she shared on Instagram.

The man looks quite handsome, but his face is not recognizable as he is looking away from the camera.


A post shared by Louisa James (@louisa_james) on

Surely it's not her brother nor any other friend, and he resembles the man on the Fathers Day image. It looks like the pair got engaged somewhere around 2012.

Louisa James-Mother of One Daughter

Now, this was one of the biggest bombshells which none of us saw it coming. How is a woman, who has been single all her life gave birth to a child without any artificial treatment?

Louisa is a mother of one 2-years-old daughter, This is her first child, Source:

At first, we were all surprised as well, but after carefully researching we can finally say she is in a relationship and the child is born from that relationship.

She gave birth to an adorable girl in 2015. She kept us all updated during her 9-months journey, from training under royal nannies to reading magazine regarding baby secrets, she posted it all.


The name of her daughter is under the radar for now. We do hope in the near she'll reveal the big secret in the near future.

Quick facts about Louisa James


  • Born on 1979, in Switzerland.
  • She grew up in the United Kingdom.
  • She attended the University of Arts London and majored in Broadcast Journalism.
  • She also studied English Literature at Durham University.
  • She started her career in the BBC in Leicester.
  • She then joined ITV central in 2005.
  • She worked as a reporter and presenter for the East Midlands region.
  • In 2012, she moved to ITV Breakfast program Daybreak.
  • She presents the Daybreak News Hour along with Matt Barbet.

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