Philippa Tomson, the reporter who decided to bare her backside in live television isn't ready to for any relationship right now because with great power comes big responsibilities.

The journalist doesn't seem interested in any sorts of responsibilities right now because delivering news to her loyal audiences is straining as it is.

Or maybe she is hiding her boyfriend from us? Let's find out 

Philippa Tomson-Hiding a secret Boyfriend   

She is one of the most giving journalists of all time and the English reporter is not going to stop until she'll help every last person who needs her help.


Philippa is single and not dating anyone at the moment, Source: Pinterest

No wonder she is one of the most followed reporters in Britain. She is one of the anchors of ITV's Good Morning Britain, along with Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, and Kate Garraway.

Talking about her current relationship status, the 39-years-old anchor is dating her career for now. Yup, it seems as if though she'll live out her life without a partner.

And to be honest, not many people are worthy of this reporter so if she ever decides to date someone, she's going to have a hard time finding a worthy man.

Philippa presenting a news as a freelance journalist for the Sky News, Source: TV Newsroom

Our reliable sources state she is deeply connected with her passion. So all in all, the reporter is not dating and will not date anyone for some time.

Philippa Tomson-Baring her backside

In 2016, when the show X-Factor was going on, Philippa announced that if Honey G makes it to the finals, she'll bare her backside and show it to the neighbors.

Philippa presenting a weather forecast for the Central News, Source: YouTube

She tweeted her statement, underestimating the power of Honey and people were curious as to how it'll turn out. 

And for her unfortunate luck, Honey did make it to the finals. The reporter is yet to give any remark after she moved to another round.

But after Honey moved to another round many people started speculating that the show always prioritizes more entertaining performance, rather than a talented performance.

Well, only time will tell if the reporter will go through the dare or not.

Quick facts about Philippa Tomson

  • Born on 30 August 1977 (age 39), in York, England.
  • She attended a local high school in York.
  • She studied journalism in her master and bachelor.
  • She trained as a journalist at the age of 18.
  • She became the chief reporter for the Express & Star in Wolverhampton.
  • From 2009 to 2011, she worked in Sunday Sun.
  • From 2008 to 2011, she worked as an Occasional presenter of Tony Horne in Metro Radio.
  • She joined ITV News Central on ITV Central in 2002.
  • She is also the member of Cash for Kids charity.
  • She took part in Great North Run in order to raise awareness for the charity.

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