Abigail Diane Hawk is an American actress best known for her as 1st Grade Abigail Baker in the US television series BLUE BLOODS-Crime Scene New York. Despite her fame, Abigail has chosen to keep her private life separate from the media. She does not share many things about her personal life. She is married to Bryan Spies. They married in 2009. The couple is rumored to have a son as well.

Abigail was born Abigail Diane Gustafson to Robert and Diane Gustafson in Marietta in US state of Georgia.After many years of training as an actor, her first work as an actor was "Reality Check" alongside Ryan Secreast and John Aaron Benett.

Who is Abigail Hawk 

Well, Abigail does not need any introduction due to her work in US television series Blue Bloods-Crime Scene New York. In the series, she was known for her strict, ruthless and enigmatic character. In real life, Abigail is the same. She is the most hardworking actress out there. 

Due to her sheer hard work, she has won numerous awards including Linda Dano Award. The award is supposedly named after Emmy award-winning actress Linda Dano. She also took part in Oscar-nominated Across the Universe in 2007.

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In addition to her career in films and television, she has also worked in theater as well which includes working in Malisa Theatre Academy on 54th Street in New York.

Despite her charming and beautiful appearance she never has distracted herself with any sorts of controversies. She has never revealed anything about her personal life to the public.

Not much information is out there about Abigail and her personal life but we have dug deeper in the world of internet and have got much information regarding Abigail's personal life which she never wants to share with the public.

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Personal Life of Abigail Hawk

Despite her fame, Abigail is very serious about her privacy. She is rarely sharing information about her personal life to the public. That is why very little is known about her dating past or affairs with anyone. Even though this girl is an absolute beauty and people might think that she may have a lot of dating history and but it is the exact opposite. She has been married once in her lifetime. 

Marriage with Bryan Spies

She married her longtime boyfriend Bryan Spies in April 2009. They got engaged in March 2009 and married the same year in April 2009. When they first met Bryan was an employ of Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery in New York City. 

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Their wedding took place in Roswell and reception was in Davenport.

Does she have any children with Bryan Spies

The couple reportedly has a child between them. They have not disclosed him or her yet. Although it is known that the baby is a boy. Abigail hasn't revealed the identity of her child to the public but we all hope that she will in the near future.

The actress is currently enjoying her privacy but her fans would love to know more about her personal life. Here's hoping if she ever reveals her personal life to the public.

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