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Who is Jennifer Kitna Wife? Detail About his Married Life and Children

Updated On 10 Aug, 2023 Published On 03 Feb, 2023
Who is Jennifer Kitna Wife? Detail About his Married Life and Children

Jennifer Kitna is the outspoken wife of the NFL star, Jon Kitna. Jennifer came to the media highlight only after tying the knot with Jon Kitna. Ever since her marriage with her husband, she shared an appealing relationship. Let's dive into Jennifer Kitna's life.

Jennifer Kitna is one of the celebrity wives who grabbed the media attention after exchanging vows with Jon Kitna, a Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Besides being famous for his accurate throws and strong arm, Jon is a family man.

So, what is happening in Jennifer's life? Words cannot describe how grateful she is to her husband, who always stands by his back. Let's look at her first meeting with her husband, Jon, and their married life below.

How Jennifer Kitna and Her Better Half Found Each Other?

Jennifer Kitna, formerly known as Jennifer Diane Durrow, is a happily married woman and the wife of a renowned personality. She shared the wedding vows with her boyfriend-turned-husband, Jon Kitna. The couple is now together for nearly three decades, enduring lows and highs. 

Jon Kitna and his wife, Jennifer Kitna, with their children. SOURCE: SaveDaughters

It's not too often that people walk into someone's life out of the clear blue sky and have such a beautiful impact. In Jennifer and Jon's case, when one of the first unfolded the page of another's diary, it was the beginning o the whole story, which went through exciting moments.

The former NFL quarterback met the love of his life, his college sweetheart, in 1992. During that time, they both were undergraduate students at Central Washington University. After sharing some lovely moments, they realized they were meant to fall in love and started dating regularly.

Jennifer Kitna's husband Jon Kitna was Dallas Cowboys quarterback from Tacoma, WA. SOURCE: Twitter(@jordan_kitna3)

The lovebirds decided to take their relationship to the next step on August 13, 1994, held in Washington, ten months after Jennifer caught her boyfriend with another woman. The pair got their marriage license in Pierce County on July 25 of the same year.

Not to miss, their relationship struggled when Jenifer discovered Jon's cheating on her in 1993. The guy promised not to see anyone other than Jennifer and didn't give up on her. The church and his belief got him on the right track, and their love was restored. 

Jennifer Kitna And Jon Kitna's Marriage

Jennifer Kitna And Jon Kitna's love story moved in the right direction, leading to a beautiful wedding ten months later since Jennifer has always been there to support her husband. The pair decided to make a lifetime commitment through marriage and started planning for a wedding.

Jodan Kitna got hitched to the love of his life. SOURCE: Twitter(@jordan_kitna3)

Although the duo looked so much in love, it wasn't like that from the beginning. Jon enjoyed his student life partying and involving himself in vines like drinking. Kitna never lacked anything, and the guy got everything he wanted.

The guy confessed himself getting involved in brawls, shoplifting, and cheating in relationships. The couple has come a long way. Jon Kitna and Jennifer Kitna are proud parents to four children. The couple is legal guardians to Jons's cousins, Casey and Chris. Chris and Casey helped do the household work and played American football. 

Details on Jon Kitna and Jennifer Kitnas Children

The family's three of three children played quarterbacks just like their dad. In addition to it, the lovely husband and wife are also parents to Jon's cousins, Chris and Casey Kjos, to provide them with better opportunities.

One of their children, Jalen Kitna, who followed in his father's footsteps, plays for the University of Florida Gators. Jada is a member of the football staff at Arizona State University.

Watch the video of Martellus Bennett on Jon Kitna.

The youngest one, Jamison, is now a senior high school student. He is a part of the 2024 class. Moving on, Jordan is a quarterback for Colorado State University in Pueblo and aspires to become a professional football player. The guy is no more single, as he shared the matrimony vows with his lover, Shileigh Kitna.

It remains to see when the pair decides to expand their already lovely family; in the meantime, the entire family of four couldn't look more delightful. Other NFL stars like Nicole Williams and Jordan Poyer are happily married.

Why Was Jalen Kitna Detained?

The child of seasoned NFL star Jalen Kitna's arrest occurred because of the child pornography allegation. Her case is in court. As of now, the backup quarterback for Florid is suspended. He got charged with publicizing and possession of child pornography. 

The police were tipped off that the ex-redshirt quarterback posted sexually obscene material which featured child porn on the digital platform Discord. Jalen discussed the law enforcement, and the pictures were legal. The cops found three more cases of offensive content. He tried to justify that the photos were instead discovered on sites but was unable to identify them legitimately.

What Does The Celebrity Wife Jennifer Kitna Do?

Jennifer Kitna is now a high-school teacher in Portland. Both the pair had similar early life goals to acquire a teaching profession, but Jon continued to become a famous sportsman. The older daughter of Mrs. Durrow and her husband, Charles Chuck Durrow, supported her soulmate wherever Jons's sporting career took him.

Moreover, the married duo works together in their philanthropy and church community. Talking about her roots, Jennifer was born to her parents, Charles "Chuck" Durrow and his companion.

Additionally, Jennifer and her sibling moved to Portland, Orleton, because her father had to serve in numerous cities for the U.S. Airforce. Jenifer's brother Timm served as a realtor in Portland. The grandmother of Timm and Jennifer died in 2013.

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