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Who is Kat Matutina? Who is She Dating Currently? All the Details Here

Updated On 02 Jan, 2023 Published On 02 Jan, 2023
Who is Kat Matutina? Who is She Dating Currently? All the Details Here

Knowing how talented she is, fans show interest in knowing what is happening in Kat's life. The LA-based pair Kat Matutina and Zack Fox, who fell in love in 2018, enjoy their time together.

Who is Kat Matutina Dating? This is one major thing her fans are looking for right now. Well, this search reached its peak after. Before getting into Kat's relationship status, let's learn about her popular works.

Additionally, Matutina shouldn't be strange to you. Professionally, Kat Matutina has accomplished much as a beautician, DJ, and vegan chef. The lady has colossal expertise from health to music and is also the founder of a beauty product. She's of Flipino ancestry and grew up in California.

Kat Matutina Sparks Romance Rumors- Who Is He?

Living a private life away from the public eye and media is nearly impossible when you work in the entertainment industry. And if Zack's fans wonder if the handsome actor is married, the answer is no. 

Kat has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Zack Fox, for over four years. SOURCE: Instagram(@pickpocketparty)

Regarding her love interest, Kat has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Zack Fox, for over four years. Yes, he is an illustrator, actor, rapper, and comedian best known for making thrilling pieces of art, great music, and being funny.

What's more, Matutina is also a big fan of dogs and owns a Chihuahua dog breed named Kiwi. The lady, who is very candid about her life on social media, shared the happy news of the engagement and said, "," Umm, I said yes!". She also flaunted her engagement ring once. The ring consisted of a diamond ring in a silver band.

Kat Matutina showed her sparkling diamond ring. SOURCE: Instagram(@pickpocketparty)

Also, Zack and his girlfriend have an age difference of ten years.  Despite that, Kat still looks harmonious and young. Looking at all the precious photos and videos she has shared on her social media platform, Instagram, one can see their togetherness, living in Los Angeles.

The beauty has mentioned her significant other in numerous interviews, indicating that she and her partner have a loving relationship. Initially, the two shared words in the comment section until Fox invited her to be present at one of his concerts. 

Kat Matutina and Zack Fox own a Chihuahua dog breed named Kiwi. SOURCE: Instagram(@pickpocketparty)

"'Where's that sandwich from?," Matutina remembered the word when her soulmate slid into a text message first. When Zack's comedic endeavour relocated him to New York City, their affair went long-distance for a while. Anyone who's travelled with their partner will tell you it's the biggest relationship test.

At the time, she used to travel with him on his stand-up. Thanks to the close quarters of a jammed-in tour bus, their bonding got stronger. During the COVID pandemic, the pair moved to live in LA. Like any lovebirds, the duo put on their favourite matching flannel pyjamas at last.

Kat Matutina Began Dating In 2018

Kat Matutina and her partner, Zack Fox, began dating in 2018 while ice skating, supposedly inspired by the movie Hitch. Matutina posted a clip to her story early, openly discussing their relationship, which he started to take as a gesture of not taking herself. 

Check out the video of Zack Fox's music video, "The Bean Kicked In."

"Happy anniversary and almost happy birthday to my favorite person in the world and the best partner I could ever ask for! Excited for more adventures and experiences together, love u bobo," Kat celebrated every year on her Instagram page on December 4, 2022.

Further, Zack and Kat have a mutual affection for their mastery of the different genres of music. This seems to have been the connecting point in their relationship. So, it's understandable why the pair got along so well from the start. Have you not listened to Zack's song, The Bean Kicked in?

The Bust Down actor has worked with significant celebrities, including Thundercat, Kenny Beats, and Flying Lotus. Best wishes to Kat Matutina for the upcoming days of her life. Hoping that her relationship with Zack Fox stays strong forever. 

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