Rob Lowe won't remain silent anymore!

The Brothers & Sisters actor publicly called out young actress Bella Throne about her insensitive and offensive tweet about how the road closures have caused her to miss her "boyfriend's  concert".

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Rob Lowe Bashed Actress Bella Throne For Her Offensive Tweet About Mudslides Road Closures: Details In With Pictures

The 53-year-old American actor snapshot the picture of the tweet posted by Bella Throne and posted on his Instagram.

The tweet read,

“F***u 101 to santa barbra [sic]. I’m missing my boyfriends first date on his tour:((("

Rob Lowe Bashed Actress Bella Throne For Her Offensive Tweet About Mudslides Road Closures
Source: Instagram

Lowe spoke out for all the victims of mudslides in Santa Barbara and he captioned the post writing,

"This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood. Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.”

The horrifying mudslide that struck California has affected thousands of lives, destroying many homes and police have reported that the death toll has reached 17, including four children so far.

A number of people have also been reported to be missing. Rob shared how devastating few days have been and shared most of his friends and neighbors have gone missing.

Rob's house was not affected by the mud flood but houses of Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bridges was damaged by it.


Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia also evacuated from their home in the area. To add more,  celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow suffered huge loss after the mudslides wrecked the grounds of her multimillion-dollar Montecito home and 'wrecking' the beautiful boutique hotel where she married Chris Martin.