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Ted Vernon; List the ten facts you need to know about the host

Updated On 22 Mar, 2017 Published On 22 Mar, 2017

1. Ted Vernon, a versatile personality

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He is an international movie actor, has performed in his own screenplay of Hammerhead Jones. He has filmed other movies like South Beach, Silent Hunter, and The Sufferers.

2. South Beach Classic Owner Ted Vernon

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He is a creator and executive film producer too. He has produced his first screenplay Hammerhead Jones. He was the producer of motion image of John Carpenter's Village of the Damned with University Films. He is currently producing the new horror film called Angel of Dying.

3. Renowned boxer, Ted Vernon

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He is the former ex-boxer. In his late 20s, he has embarked on the amateur boxing career which received him local fame. He has racked up a number of first round knockouts and considered as the professional prizefighter. Ted "Wolfman" knocked out Oscar Dix in 3 rounds in 1979 in West Palm Beach.

4. Ted Vernon in GAA Classic Cars Auction July 2014

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Ted Vernon is the successful auto dealer, trades classic vehicles and possesses the Florida's largest classic car store including other vehicles. He has been managing the Ted Vernon Speciality Automobiles for the past 38 years.

5. Ted Vernon with his exquisite wife Robin Vernon

Source: http://frostsnow.com/you-might-not-believe-how-wrestler-ted-vernon-and-his-wife-robin-met-for-the-first-time

Ted Vernon is a committed man. Robin Vernon is no more than his business partner and a blind date in 1990's leads him to marry her on the first date. Exquisite Robin is six feet tall. They have an immense age gap, Vernon is 68 while her wife is of mid 30s.

6. Ted Vernon posing with his wife, robin


They hit the headline when they gave a hint of having problems in their relationship in September 2016.

7. Multi personality Ted


He is the son of real estate developer Harold Vernor. His father has inspired him to be businessman.

8. Executive producer, Star, Ted Vernon

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69BdIXcAg5A

His most prominent real estate credentials include building the Tower 41 in Miami beach.

9. Ted Vernon with his wife and friends

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His most prominent real estate credentials include building the Tower 41 in Miami Beach.

10. Multi-talented Ted

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He has $15 million net worth and has gained the amount through his vehicle business and film production.

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