An extraordinary person, a dedicated mother, wife and daughter and an outstanding American journalist and correspondent. Even words fail to describe this beautiful soul and one of the most inspirational personalities alive, Judy Woodruff, ladies, and gentlemen!

She has covered major news worldwide and served for several recognized organization including CNN, NBC News, and PBS. Standing tall with her dazzling smile, Judy has never failed to keep her viewers up-to-date and informed.        

But there's more to Judy than just her news and on-air programs that we see on TV. Her personal life tells us that she's a fighter, and her will and strength to face anything has led her to be the woman she is today.

Her happily ever after with husband Al Hunt is another inspiration that we can all take as the couple has been married for decades and are still going strong together.

Let's find out all the details about Judy and Al in today's section.

An inspirational married life of Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt

Do you know that every year nearly 800K couple get divorced in American according to the annual report by the U.S. Government? That's a huge number!

As the divorce rates are very high, it's nearly impossible to save a marriage for two people these days. Despite this fact, our ideal couple, Judy Woodruff and Bloomberg's chief executive editor, Al Hunt has managed to save their marriage since a long time and are still going strong. Hats off to them!

Judy Woodruff with husband, Source: Capitol File

Both having the similar passion and interest in journalism and political news, their career eventually brought them together.


Judy with her husband Al Hunt, Source: Pinterest

The then Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, Judy married former Wall Street Journal's national political reporter, Al Hunt way earlier during the 1980's.

The couple has celebrated their silver jubilees and has been happily married for 37 long years. The duo tied knots in a private ceremony amidst close friends and families so the details of their wedding

The duo tied knots in a private ceremony amidst close friends and families so the details of their wedding have not been published on the web.


Judy Woodruff holding hands with husband Al on the red carpet, Source: Getty Images

The match made in heaven, hence, can be regarded as one of the ideal couples in the news industry and they deserve huge respect from all of us.

Al and Judy have three children: One son born with spina bifida

The happily married couple Al and Judy have added three more blessings to their life. The couple has three kids together- two sons and one daughter.

Their eldest son Jeffrey Hunt was born in 1981 and five years later, the couple gave birth to their second son Benjamin Hunt.

Judy Woodruff with son Jeffrey Hunt and husband Al, Source: Smugmug

Finally, gorgeous little angel, their first daughter, Lauren Ann was born in 1988. But, life always is not a fairy tale as their eldest son, Jeffrey was diagnosed with mild spina bifida during his birth.

This obviously made the young parents pretty stressed. If you don' know what Spina bifida is then it is a birth defect where there is an incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord.

Judy Woodruff taking care of son, Jeffrey with husband, Source: Getty Images

So, now we know that it's an incurable genetic defect, we can only imagine how shattered and heartbroken Judy and Al felt when they first found out about this.

Despite all this, they did not give up at all and dedicated much to make their son better and an independent man and make his life much easier and as normal as possible.

When Jeffrey was 16, he had to undergo surgery to get better which caused him brain damage and disability.

But his parents never let him give up and he got to have a normal childhood and even graduate from college and live independently in a special community.

Her persistent dedication not only ends here. Judy and Al have raised tens of millions of dollars for research and awareness of spina bifida.

Judy and Al became tireless advocates for other families finding their way through the challenges of raising a child with spina bifida and its neurological side effects.

And now, she's very active in organizing campaigns and helping families all around the country who have suffered this disease too.

Currently, she hosts the PBS NewsHour alongside the popular journalist, Gwen Ifill
and also works as a board member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Rehearsing in the PBS NewsHour anchor booth for the @GOPconvention

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Here's a video of Jody Woodruff's interview talking about her journey as a reporter in the industry.

All in all, Judy Woodruff is one of the powerful and most inspiring women in the history of American News industry and along with her husband Al Hunt has motivated us all to never give up and keep doing what we love.