Other than his fruitful profession career, John King has some ups and down in his personal life. In any case, before getting into his personal life, let’s briefly know about him. Maybe only a few people knew that he was a married man not only once but twice.

Maybe you got shocked with this statement but it’s true. You already know one of her names but who is the next one. Let’s find out.

John King’s first married life and Divorce

In his early days, john was married to Jean Makie. The couple had two children. However, a few years later, they got a divorce. 

Apparently, John has kept his first marriage a bit of secret and no one really knows the reason behind the separation of Jean and John.

John King’s Second Married Life and Divorced

In 2008, after dating for more than a year, John king married CNN anchor Dana Bash, Bash is a chief congressional Correspondent at CNN Network. 

The former CNN correspondent publically announced their romance in 2007.  John king changed himself to Judaism from Roman Catholic ahead of their marriage on Cape Cod.

Similarly, after three years of their marriage in 2011, the duo welcomed their first baby as husband and wife.

Even though both of them seemed very happy together they got a divorce after four years of married life in 2012. 

Reports claim that john mentioned that King and Bash's marriage began to fall apart after their child was born. Just after three months, the pair started to live separately.

It is also said that Dana Bash and Spencer Garrett seems to be romantically hooked up as they are seen together frequently.

However, a statement given by the couple said that the separation was under the mutual understanding by both husband and wife. They said though it is difficult to get separate but it was only the option left for them.

Dana Bash’s married Life Prior John King

Maybe you don’t know that prior to John King; there was someone in Bash's life. Before John, Bash was married to Jeremy Bash on September 6, 1998, a managing director Beacon Global strategies LLC.

After spending nine years together, the couple separated in 2007. Two them do not have any children together. Though they have been divorced for a quite long time while talking with The Time of Israel, Dana Bash said, “I’m still very good friends with him”.

John King’s Children

Even though his marriages was unsuccessful John got an exceptional gift from those weddings; his three beautiful children.

Two of them Noah and Hannah from the first wife Jean Makie and one child: Jonah from the second wife Dana Bash. Jonah parents divorced exactly after ten months of his birth.