Dominique Sachse is an award-winning journalist who has worked hard for several years to raise awareness and become the voice of all the people across the country.

She is also one of the active reporters around and was also present at the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump.

Similarly, Dominique is famous for her reporting skills but one thing that really stood her out is her everlasting radiant beauty.

She in on her 50s and still looks ridiculously beautiful. Well, today we are here to know about her relationship as she has always tried to hide all the details about it.

Love At first sight        

It is often taken as a fairy tail story that love at first sight only exists in the fiction world but as soon as Sachse and her husband Nick Florescu glanced at each other they fell in love instantly.

Nick and Dominique at the Annual Party, Source: The Chron

Both of them were attending a Kickoff Party for Houston Community College on January 11, 2012, and that's where they two meet one another for the first time.

At that time Sachse was raising her son and Nick was also a divorcee and he was taking care of his five children, Ava 6, Nicky 10, Bella 11, Elle 20, and Alex, 19. 


A Sunday afternoon date at the Houston Symphony, and we're color coordinated!

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When both of them first glanced at each other it was love at first sight. Nick asked her out for a dinner and it was a beginning of a love story that would go on for a long time.

Marriage with Nick Florescu

The couple started dating as soon as they met at the function and Nick put on a ring on her finger as they got engaged in 2012.

He shells out a good amount of money for the ring as the ring was an emerald-cut diamond ring. Sachse was not going to sell herself short either as she gave him a Jaguar as a gift.


Dominique and Nick's Wedding, Source: Houston Culture

After dating for a while the pair decided to get married and took their relationship further. They tied the knot on May 22, 2012, in a glamorous way in which 140 guests got invited.

Their wedding took place in Memorial home of Becca Cason and John Thrash, Texas. Sachse was looking very beautiful as she wore Ines DiSanto Alençon lace fit-to-flare gown and carried White Bouquet of Peonies.

Nick's son acting as the Best Man, Source: Houston

Nick was looking very handsome as he wore a custom white dinner jacket and black tuxedo slacks. His son from his previous marriage acted as the best man.

Children Between the couple

The couple is taking care of their six children together. Though the majority of Nick's children have moved out from their house and they are currently with their son style.

Nick and Dominique with their children, Source: P interest 

The couple did not have their own children right now but they are content with their marriage life. They are usually spotted going to parties together and their weekend is spending hanging out with their son.


#valentines dinner at home with my guys tonight. Surrounded by handsomeness and love Wishing you a HVD2!

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Though Nick is always busy with his work and one cannot blame him for that as he is the CEO of Kubis Interactive Inc. But he always tries to spend as much time with his family as possible.

Sachse, on the other hand, is also busy with her job. She does many beauty related videos on the news channel.

She works alongside big reporters like Sara Donchey, Lauren Freeman, Amy Davis, Phil Archers, and Robert Arnold.

Her most famous show would be Fabulous at 50, where she gives ten tips to look good even though you are in the 50s.

Many people follow her because the tips that she gives has worked wonders for all the female fans out there. She also makes videos related to what to wear in parties or cheap dresses that one can wear.

Her net worth is around 5.4 million dollars a year and her husband is also earning some big bucks. The couple is living blissfully together and we wish them all the success that they need. 

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