Home Article 1.8 m Tall Vlogger Jesse Wellens Has Rumors Of Having A Daughter; Know If He Is Married; Was In A Relationship With Jeana Smith

1.8 m Tall Vlogger Jesse Wellens Has Rumors Of Having A Daughter; Know If He Is Married; Was In A Relationship With Jeana Smith

Updated On 29 Nov, 2019 Published On 13 Aug, 2018
1.8 m Tall Vlogger Jesse Wellens Has Rumors Of Having A Daughter; Know If He Is Married; Was In A Relationship With Jeana Smith

It was really a sad moment for BFvsBF and PrankvsPrank fans when the YouTube stars Jesse Wellens and his longtime girlfriend Jeana Smith called it quits in 2016 after 10 years being together. Busy schedule and YouTube career was the only reason behind their break up.

Days after announcing their split, Wellens made a Twitter post where he revealed about having a teenage daughter whom he has never met. If you people wanna know details, just follow the path ahead.

YouTube Personality Jesse Wellens' Current Relationship Status; His Relationship With Jeana Smith

The handsome and charismatic Internet star Jesse Wellens is now the sole user of the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank since 2016.

The YouTube channel was previously created by Wellens and his then-girlfriend Jennifer "Jeana" Smith. They started playing prank videos on each other and shared those videos since 2007.

Former Couple Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith together
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The two started their relationship in 2005 and managed to be together for more than 10 years until 2016. The YouTube stars called it quits earlier in 2016 and it was definitely not part of the prank.

The two revealed their break up in an emotional vlog titled "A New Chapter". Smith first disclosed that she's departing from the channel and then the major news flashed.

Both the YouTube stars mentioned that their YouTube careers is the major cause behind their break up.

Prior to announcing their split, the ex-couple told PEOPLE that working together became a challenge for the two.

 Wellens said,

"It’s hard to work with someone you’re in a relationship but we figure out how to make it work and maintain."

Meanwhile, Smith also added,

"It’s stressful but it’s – there’s positives and negatives about it because we get to do all these great opportunities together and if we weren’t working together we wouldn’t be able to bring each other along on these amazing adventures and I think it’s awesome we can do it."

"But day-to-day you can definitely want some alone time."

It's been two years since the major incident occurred. Wellens has maintained a low profile regarding his personal life.


How to pick up girls. With the talented @eveinmotion

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Jesse Wellens Dating A New Girlfriend

At present, Jesse is enjoying his life with newfound love. Yes, you heard it right, the YouTuber is dating someone. His current girlfriend goes by the name, Tawny Janae.

Tawny is an avid traveler and tries to preach Yoga wherever she goes. All of her Instagram feed is filled by her Yoga stuff. But she also shares a lot of pictures with her boyfriend Jesse.

At first glance, it looks like the pair are meant for each other. The chemistry they showcase in their pictures is just out of his world and they've now quickly become relationship goals.

Just recently, during this year's Halloween, the couple created a terrific attire for themselves and man oh man! do they look every bit as sexy. Wearing matching attires, all black, they looked like they're ready for the holiday season.

Jesse and Tawny looking all bold in their Halloween attire. SOURCE: Jesse Wellens Instagram

Well, everything seems to be going smoothly for the duo and we do hope they eventually go to the wedding altar together.

Jesse Wellens Revealed About His Daughter Via Twitter Post

Days after making the announcement of the break up with the girlfriend of 10 years, Wellens said that he has a teenage daughter via Twitter post which is now deleted.

He mentioned that he's never met his daughter and planned to meet her in New York City where she lives with her adoptive family.


Should I take you home?? ??

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In the deleted tweets, he wrote,

"We never met and it’s killing me. It’s a long and crazy story. I need to get off my chest and find her. I feel like if I send this energy out onto the Internet about my daughter I might actually be able to find her. She was adopted. Family in NYC."

"Her name is Luchia. 13 years old."

Details about his daughter, her family, and her real mother have not been revealed yet.

Jesse Wellens: Quick Facts


  • Born on 25 September 1982 in Philadelphia, PA.
  • His birth sign is Libra.
  • He created the popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank featuring videos of him performing pranks on others.
  • He stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in (1.80m).

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