Couples that stay together despite the test of time are certainly admirable. Relationships won't always be plain sailing, there will be challenges along the way. Two people who genuinely love each other will always find a way to make it work.

Pete Sampras is enjoying a blissful married life with a gorgeous partner, but this was not always the case as the duo went through some serious issues that put their entire relationship in jeopardy.

Pete Sampras' Married Life

Pete Sampras is married to his wife Bridgette Wilson. The couple tied the knot on 30th September 2000.

Pete Sampras with his wife Bridget Wilson
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Pete and Bridget dated for 8 months prior to sharing wedding vows in 2000. The love story of this adorable duo began in a movie theatre in LA way back in 1999. Apparently, this was the first time Pete saw Bridget.

During an interview, the Tennis icon recalled the moment. He said:

"I said to my friend, half-kidding, 'I'd love to meet her'."

Later, Pete's friend contacted her and set a date for the two of them. At the time, Wilson did not have a clue who Sampras was as she was not into tennis at all. She said:

"I had never watched tennis, so I wasn't familiar with him. But when I saw his picture, I was like, 'Oh yeah, he's a cutie'."

The pair shares two children together. Two years after embracing each other as life partners, Bridgette gave birth to their first child, a son named Christian Charles Sampras who was born on 21st November 2002.

Three years later, the lovebirds welcomed their second child, another son named Ryan Nikolas Sampras who was born on 29th July 2005.

The couple loves visiting public places together. Back in 2013, Bridgette was spotted with her husband attending Maroon 5 concert in Los Angeles.

Although the duo appears to be living a delightful married life, there were some reports of conflicts between the pair. As per few sources back in 2015, the couple's relationship went through some issues. It had gotten so serious, there were even talks of a divorce.

A source said:

"We find it awful when we heard about them bickering all the time, not just in their home but in public places as well. We didn’t believe at first how this loving couple started hating each other. A few months back, everything seemed to be normal, but now they appear to disagree with some point."

The source revealed the trouble began between the duo after they welcomed their first child as they couldn't spend quality time together like they used to. However, this is no longer an issue as both of their kids are teenagers now.

Pete Sampras and Bridget Wilson are still together despite rumors of a divorce
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Meanwhile, this adorable duo is currently living a blissful married life with non-exist controversies. Back in 2014, they purchased a brand new house in Bel Air, California. The 2-acre home cost nearly $6 million.

The family of four also spend their vacation in their mansion in Lake Sherwood, California. A year back, the duo sold their Brentwood house in $7.25 million in 2017.

Pete Sampras' Wife Bridget Wilson Revealed The Challenges Of Having Kids

Bridget Wilson believes having kids changed the pair's lives. The first time around, especially, she was kinda stressed. Pete was a little freaked out as well and he wasn't doing anything.

By the time the couple welcomed their second son, the Tennis star was more confident and she was relaxed too. Wilson believes that's how they got into the rhythm.

Pete Sampras and Bridget Wilson
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Talking of what advice she would give to a new mother, the actress said:

"It’s a matter of acknowledging that you know more than you think you do. You have to do what’s right for you and that isn’t necessarily going to work for your friends."

She continued:

"Your rhythm and process and how you do it might be different, and you don’t have to justify it, you just have to be."

Even though raising kids was a different kind of challenge for the couple that got them in an unfamiliar territory, eventually they overcame this with aplomb.

Pete Sampras: Quick Facts

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  • Born on 12th August 1971 in Potomac, Maryland.
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • His parents are Soterios Sampras and Georgia Sampras.
  • His family moved to Palos Verdes, California in 1978.
  • He was spotted by Dr. Peter Fischer who coached him until 1989.
  • He is a tennis legend who won 14 grand slam singles titles, which impressively includes 7 Wimbledon championships.
  • He met his idol named Rod Laver when he was 11 years old and got an opportunity to play with him.
  • He was ranked number 1 at the end of the calendar year for six consecutive years from 1993-1998.
  • He had a long time sports rivalry with famous tennis legend Andre Agassi.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $150 million.