Home Article Here is the list of 20 best places for the newly married couple to go on a Honeymoon in 2017

Here is the list of 20 best places for the newly married couple to go on a Honeymoon in 2017

Updated On 25 Jan, 2017 Published On 25 Jan, 2017
Here is the list of 20 best places for the newly married couple to go on a Honeymoon in 2017

Well going to the best place with your loved one and enjoying the alone time with them is what everyone wants. See the best honeymoon location for your romantic outing.

When one ties the knot with their special someone then he/she wants to spend the quality time with each other and they will start planning to go on a honeymooon. A Honeymoon is the best place to spend quality time with your loved one and get to know them more. 

Although, there are various places in the world where you can go with your loved one and spend time with them but some places are way better than any other places. We are listing the Top 20 honeymoon place you can go with your partner and enjoy.

20. Kenya

For this Honeymoon spot, you must have a mutual interest in wildlife, as Kenya is known for it's rich and diverse wildlife sanctuary.

Kenya is home to a variety of animals like Wildebeest, Gazelle, Zebra, and not to mention the big cats. 

Source: TheholidayDealers

If you want to have your honeymoon filled with thrills, then you can even opt for Jungle Safari. Make sure you are ready for anything.

19. California

The weather and the ambiance are just incredible in California. From the beautiful morning sunset that you can see from your hotel window to the best nightlife, you can possibly imagine.

Source: TheKnot

If you visit Los Angeles once you might not wanna come back home as it is the place where angels get lost. There are many hotels that are cheap, so you can go there even if you are on a tight budget.

18. Florida

Another state of United States is on this list, as the state of Florida is known for its beaches. Flordia also boasts the incredible Universal Studio, which has the best of thrill rides and if you are looking for some fun with your partner then this place is for you. 


Source: Jetfetblog

If you are more of a party type and enjoy the nightlife, then you can check out the South Beach in Florida. It has the best nightlife in the United States.

17. Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Samui is a very large island in the Siam Gulf, and it also boasts many stunning beaches. It is also known as Angthong Marine National Park which guarantees you the most exotic romantic outing with your partner.


Source: Brides

It has also lots of caves for you to explore with your loved one and you can even enjoy some alone time with your loved one. All of your fantasies may also come alive as well.

16. The Cook Islands

This group of Island lies between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific. There are 15 group of islands that boast an incredible vivid scenery with the best of natural habitats that are untouched. 


Source: TropicTraveler

If you want a relaxing yet adventurous honeymoon then this place is for you. You wake up in the morning and you get to hear the chirping of varieties of birds, and for once you are away from the city's bustle.

15. New Zealand

You are in for the best ride of your lifetime if you chose New Zealand as your honeymoon. There are a lot of vivid scenery all across the country and especially in the colder region.

The place is known for being the shooting location for movies like Lords of the Rings.


Source: Chaterworld

If you also want to visit a place where there are few peoples, then this country is for you as this country has the land area of the United Kingdom but the population is less than that of New Zealand.

14. Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island that is situated near the coast of Venezuela. The place has the best weather, as it is always sunny, and on top of that all of the beaches are blonde that looks so mesmerizing.


Source: CaribVacation

Imagine you are walking across the island with your loved one, watching the crystal clear water with sunny weather for that vibrant feelings.

Yeah, that's right you'll feel awesome. You can even walk from one island to another as the island is pretty near to each other.

13. Byron Bay, Australia 

Although, there are a lot of honeymoon spots all across this huge country, but one place stands out among all of them and that place is Byron Bay.

The place is especially for the couples that are looking for the most vivid experience of their lives as this place has the most incredible wild rain forest which will provide you with thrills that you seek.


Source: Journey

The atmosphere is very laid back as well, you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches all across Australia and on top of that the sunny weather is the best thing that you look for.

12. US Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands consists of fifty islands, which are home to the vast majority of floras and faunas. The island has the best of scenery and the untouched environment is the best there.  

Source: Tourist-Destination

The island is not only famous for its vast flora and fauna but for its duty-free shopping of anything, from jewelry to clothing.

Enjoy your purchase and buy something memorable so that you cannot forget your experience there.

11. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its hot springs, beautiful beaches, natural beauty and, luxury resorts. There are a lot of dense rainforests, which are home to some of the rare animals of the world.

If you decide to go hiking there then you should be a thrill seeker. 


Source: Golfuniverse

There is a Canopy ride for you in the trees in Manuel Antonio National Park or if you want to take a trip to the waters then there are the white waters of Rio Toro.

All in all, you will not be disappointed if you chose Costa Rica as your honeymoon destination.

10. Marrakech, Morocco

Many of the world's finest music stars and movie directors are going to this place for many years as according to them this place gives them inspiration.

You can see the typical Arabian vibe there with all the snake charmers, belly dancers, and horse-drawn carriage rides. 


Source: Pinterest

It is also famous for its markets that are so huge and you will literally get lost there because of its maze-like structure.

9. Turks and Caicos

Now if you want to spend the majority of your romantic outing inside water then this big coral reefs island is for you. This place is famous for its longest coral reef, except the Australia's coral reef.

You can go for scuba diving with your partner and explore the world that is inside the sea.


Source: Jetfet

But do not worry if scuba diving is not your thing, the island consists of 40 islands so you can enjoy the beautiful blue water with your partner as you are enjoying by laying on the white sandy beach.

8. Bali

This place is known for its exotic beaches with lush greenery with some of the most beautiful and elegant creatures that you can see.

Bali is the perfect decision for the couple who are looking for something truly unforgettable.


Source: AllianzTravels

The place has its own volcanic mountains which add to the beauty of the place. 

7. Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal is known for its natural beauty that is unspoiled by humans. The land of mountains is known for having the most beautiful mountain chain known as The Himalayas.

Pokhara is a metropolitan city located in the Kaski district of Nepal. The place is known for its exotic locations like Fewatal and Sarankot


Source: NepalMountain

The locals are also very helping as well, and on top of that Pokhara is way cheaper than any of the place that is listed here.

So it makes the best locations for the couple who wants to experience things like skydiving, paragliding, boating, trekking and enjoy the beautiful nightlife as well.

6. Paris, France

France is known as the most romantic country of the world. Many people come to the city of Paris with their loved one and propose them.

The view from the Eifel Tower is very good as you with your partner will be able to see all of France in one glance and on top of that you can also see the sunrise and sunset from their as well.


Source: TravelersJoy

You can eat dinner sitting atop Eifel Tower, what more can you ask for. 

5. Italy, Cinque Terre

Italy is known for its ancient architecture structures that are still going strong without any renovation. The cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice are known for their vast array of beautiful structures and quaint streets.  


Source: Italian destination

Though Italy looks good all year round but if you visit April-June and late September-October as you will miss out the rush that is in Italy during summer. 

4. Fairmont Chateau, Canada

You can't go wrong with this one as this place is known for its views. If you are into places then this location is for you as this place is situated on the edge of the glacier-fed lake Louise.

You can enjoy lots of winter sports and make the best of memories there. 

Source: Gaydestination

You can do ice-skating, dog sledding, and snowshoe with your loved one. You can also go hiking as this place is surrounded by lots of snowy mountains.

3. Tahiti

If there was ever a place that was specially created for the couple that wants to celebrate the perfect honeymoon then Tahiti is the place.

Tahiti is a big island country and if you decide to spend your romantic outing there then you have made the best decision of your life.

Source: Romancetravel

With more than 100 islands composed with each other, Tahiti has all exquisite and unique places to spend with your loved one.

2. Anguilla

Anguilla is a Caribbean island consisting of most beautiful environment that you can possibly imagine. The clear blue sky with clear blue water and white sand beaches are the perfect combination of beauty.

Source: VenueSafari

The islands as the most majestic and elegant flowers you can see and if you and your partner love natural beauty you should surely go there.

1. Hawaii

Yeah, you guessed it right Hawaii is by far the best place you can go for your honeymoon.

 Source: PeterGreenberg

The famous island consists of volcanoes, beaches, and on top of that, the place has several remote locations for your small romantic encounter with your partner. 

Many celebrities from all across the world visit the island with their loved one. You can never go wrong with this choice and if you chose Hawaii as your honeymoon destination then get ready for an unforgettable experience with your loved one. 

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