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You dont take a photograph, you make it, here is the list of 20 best wedding photographers in the USA

Updated On 27 Jan, 2017 Published On 27 Jan, 2017
You dont take a photograph, you make it, here is the list of 20 best wedding photographers in the USA

Nowadays, having the best photo in your wedding is first priority nowadays. Find out who are the best photographers all across the country.

People these days want to have the best photography session for their wedding and choosing the best photographer for your wedding is the most difficult task. There are several photographers in the market right now but which one will capture your beautiful day in the most elaborate and beautiful manner.

In the past few years, wedding photography has taken a giant leap in terms of sheer quality. Nowadays, we can literally feel the photo and see the last detail of it.

Let us find out who are the best photographers today and then decide for yourself what type of photographer do you need.

15) Christian Oth

Christian is known for his off-the-cuff approach towards shooting that utilizes the moment of the wedding with the help of angles and light.

His team of editors and retouchers are top class as they will deliver you with the best photos you may have ever seen.

Source: Christian Studio

His specialties are that he always makes the bride very comfortable during the photo session. He uses the accidental moments to capture the best pictures. He does 15 marriages per year. 

14) John Dolan

John has been in the business for more than two decades and his experience really shows whenever he is shooting in weddings.

One thing that has kept him in this business for this long would be his passion towards his work as he does not take things lightly.

Source: John Dolan

His specialty would include invisibility. Yes, you heard that right, John will be attending the function with you but he will mask his presence and shoot pictures.

This perk gives him opportunities to capture moments that cannot be captured while standing in front of the camera. He does at around 8 to 10 weddings a year.

13) Elizabeth Messina

Eliza's highlight point would include her artistic yet intimate pictures that show all the emotions that one needs in the photos. You can follow her Instagram account for more information.

Source: Elizabeth Messina

Her specialty is that she is the best photographers with natural lighting and no one can shoot pictures like her in the natural lighting. She does around 15 weddings a year.

12) Corbin Gurkin

Corbin's work is a state of the art as he is best known for his old world romantic and timeless images. His main strength would be his natural and signature look pictures.

The pictures that he shoots will look like natural and at the same time artistic.

Source: Corbin Gurkin

Corbin specialty includes destination weddings. He can adapt to any environment at any given time, be it Lake Como to Telluride or Thailand. He does around 12 to 15 weddings a year.

11) Belathee

Belathee is a group of photographers who are best known for their mixture of fine arts, modern but still timeless pictures, and portraiture images.

They not only shoots the couple but also the interior, and all the things that highlight the wedding. 

Source: Belathee

Their specialties will include making their clients very comfortable in front of the camera which results in very realistic and beautiful picture.

They do 20 to 40 weddings a year and a number of weddings also depend on the location of the wedding.

10) Ben Chrisman

Ben's photos are very intimate, imaginative, and realistic at the same time. His pictures show thousand of emotions and the quality of the lighting is unreal.

Source: ChristmanStudios

His specialty would include timeless, silhouette, and full interior and exterior background use. He does 8 to 10 weddings a year.

9) Aaron Delesie

Aaron is known for his expertise with the camera and he uses the technique of blending film and digital which he has been doing for a long time. He looks very effortless whenever he is doing the photography session. 

Source: Delesie Blog

His specialty includes doing the best photography in the most demanding situation and that may also be the reason that he is often called in many difficult locations where it is virtually impossible for an average Joe to click pictures.

He does around 15 weddings a year.

8) Sarah Falugo

Sarah is known for her shooting in exotic locations, capturing both the beauty of the location as well as the adventurous spirit. Her pictures depict the raw and timeless surrounding with intimacy as well.

Source: SarahFalugo

Her specialty includes shooting in many different types of places like backyard celebrations, clifftop elopements, and going to different places without any problem and shoot the best picture in difficult locations.

She does around 15 to 20 weddings a year.

7) Braedon Flynn

Well, Brendon has one condition to work and that is he wants you to have a great connection between you and him.

Pretty simple condition, but that is where many photographers tend to go wrong. If the bride and the groom are not having a good connection with the photographer then the photo will not come out good.

Source: Braedon Photography

His specialty would include destination weddings, fashion editorial, portraiture, and having fun with his job. He does around 20 weddings a year.

6) Liz Banfield

Liz will capture real moments in your wedding and the best part of her photography is cinematic quality. All she wants is fun and freedom to shoot images according to her. Her photography is very demanding.


Source: Liz Banfield

Her specialty would include capturing the best photo in midst of chaos in the party and the best part, she is very much invisible. Her studio is very demanding and that is why she only does 1 or 2 wedding a year.

5) Donna Newman

Famous for capturing the real moments in the wedding and not making up anything. Her style of photography sometimes looks weird but you have to put your trust on her.

She knows what she is doing and she will not let you down.

Source: DonnaNewman

Her specialty includes capturing the emotions that are showering in the ceremony. She will make sure that she will capture every possible emotion and on top of that her editing staff is very experienced, that means you will not be disappointed by her work.

4) Tec Petaja

Tec is a realistic photographer who believes in real photos rather than staged one. He thinks that best images come when you have no fake expressions but only real expressions.

Source: TecPatejaPhoto

His specialty includes shooting a medium format film that captures all the emotions and lights that need to be captured. He generally does around 15-20 weddings a year.

3) Thayer Gowdy

There is not much to say about Thayer apart from the fact that he is a destination photographer. He is the best out there who captures the best destination and exotic locations photographs.

His impeccable taste in interior and exterior decor and locations is just too good.

Source: Thayer Gowdy

His specialty would include shooting the out of the world realistic images that will make you feel the photo to its last ink. He does around 5 to 7 weddings a year.

2) Judy Pak

If you want to capture romantic moments with your partner then Judy will do the trick for you. She is the best photographer out there that will make images look sophisticated and romantic at the same time. 

Source: Judy Pak

Her specialty would include outdoor and tented weddings or weddings at a private residence and destination weddings as well. She does around 10 to 12 weddings a year. 

1) Jeff Ascough

Having experience of more than two decades, Jeff started his business with his wife Sarah. His company has many experts and that is why he is not only famous in America but all across the globe.

He does wedding photography all around the globe.

Source: Top Teny

His specialty includes artistic, realistic, timeless and the best part, capturing every bit of emotions. Looking at his portfolio will impress anyone. Till now he has done 1500 weddings.

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