Social media has now become an easy medium that facilitates the creation and sharing of information and ideas. Though it has some disadvantages like depression and all, it's benefits cannot be refused. Many people have used the social media as the easiest platform to gain quick fame and popularity. YouTube and Instagram star DC Young Fly can notably be one of those.

The father-of-one has been living with his girlfriend for a long time. But everyone has the same question; are the lovebirds still together or moved on separately? Let's get the details!

DC Young Fly's Life With Partner Ms Jacky Oh

DC Young Fly, 26, is currently in a relationship with a successful model Ms Jacky Oh. The couple has been together for many years.

Jacky Oh is also the owner of a makeup line. They share a daughter named Nova on 29th October 2016.

DC Young Fly with his daughter and girlfriend MS Jacky Oh 

Though many sources say that the lovebirds are still together, we don't find Jacky Oh appearing on Fly's Instagram posts. It's quite difficult to assure about their relationship as the YouTube star has maintained his personal life under the radar.

His romantic life with Jack Oh is totally under the shade, still, he manages to share some details about his mother and his adorable daughter.

The father-daughter bonding is pretty clear looking at Fly's Instagram post below:

As his fans are giving much attention to his personal life, we wish him to share details about his dating life soon.

DC Young Fly: Does He Have A son From Former Relationship?

Fly most probably got himself into trouble when a woman claimed via Facebook that he already has a son with her.

The woman named Maya Lundy further explained that he's not taking the responsibilities of being a man. 

Have a look at the post below:

Source: Facebook

Though the baby mama grabbed wide attention with her post, Fly has not commented on the matter yet.

However, it seems that the baby mama is very happy with her children and her new partner. And that might be the reason why she's not making further complain of the very topic.

DC Young Fly: Quick Facts

Source: Complex
  • Born on 2 May 1992 in Atlanta Georgia.
  • He has not revealed details about his parents but his mother is frequently featured on his YouTube videos.
  • His brother, Da Drew was killed in 2011.
  • DCYoungFly made a tattoo on his forehead in memory of his late brother.
  • He is American Nationality with African-American ethnicity.
  • He completed graduation from Benjamin E. Mays High School.
  • He also attended Georgetown Southern University Armstrong Campus.
  • He is starring in How High 2 alongside DeRay DavisMary Lynn Rajskub, and Alyssa Goss.