It's not unusual to regular people turning into stars thanks to Youtube. However, one must possess an immense talent to see a meteoric rise in their stardom through such platforms.

Michael Stevens is one such celebrity who made the most of his talent when he opened his Youtube channel. With time, he began to gain more and more fans thanks to his charismatic personality and quality contents.

Stevens appears equally successful with his love life as well. He was in a relationship with a beautiful lady for a few years before exchanging their wedding vows.

Michael Stevens' Married Life

Michael Stevens is married to his beautiful wife Marnie Stevens. The couple tied the knot in 2016. 

Michael Stevens and Marie Stevens during their wedding
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Stevens had earlier moved to London, England in 2012. After sharing wedding vows with Marnie four years later, Michael returned to America. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles.

The news of the wedding was announced by Stevens in July 2016 through Twitter.

Judging by their Instagram activity, the pair was together for a few years before they embraced each other as life partners.

This delightful couple appears to be enjoying a blissful married life. It remains to be seen when they decide to expand their family with bundles of joy.

Michael Stevens Is Pretty Interactive With Fans

Stevens is a rising star who has gained much fame in recent years. Admirably, he does not shy away from interacting with fans as much as he can.

During a conversation with fans of Reddit back in 2014, he was asked how often he gets recognized by people in the street and whether he had any funny stories. He said:

"It's amazing whenever someone recognizes me. It's a chance to see Vsauce viewers IN THE FLESH. I always take a photo or chat with them for as long as I can."

Michael continued:

"The funniest stories involve people not approaching me at the time but tweeting about it later. About an hour after I left a restaurant a few weeks ago a guy I hadn't talked to tweeted at me and asked how I liked what I'd ordered... It wasn't creepy, though. It was awesome."

Another user asked Michael what was the strangest question anyone ever asked him related to science. Stevens revealed it was "What's the opposite of duck?" He added, he hoped to tackle it soon.

Stevens is best known for his popular educational channel named Vsauce on Youtube. One of the users asked him how the name 'Vsauce' came about. Stevens responded:

"I wanted a name with a .com domain I could buy that also meant NOTHING so it would always fit whatever kind of videos I wanted to make. I refreshed FakeNameGenerator until I saw listed under "website" and I knew it was true love <3"

Stevens kept responding to most of the questions by his fans. There's no doubt he is a person who finds joy in interacting with his fans.

Michael Stevens' Career

Michael Stevens uploaded his first youtube video back in 2007 which was comedic in nature. He then began collaborating with another comedy group named Barely Political.

Michael Stevens rose to stardom in 2010
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It was back in 2010 when Michael started his most successful Youtube channel titled Vsauce. Initially, it was just about some video game listing. However, his subscriptions went off the charts when he started his educational videos. Stevens' signature catchphrase is “Hello Vsauce, Michael Here”.

Later in 2012, the Youtuber began to work for Google as a content strategist in London. He strived to grow the educational effectiveness through the platform of Youtube, working with other YouTubers to improve the contents.

Stevens has been awarded the Webby Awards and Streamy Awards for his contribution in the field of science and education. He currently stays in Los Angeles along with the host of Vsauce 3 named Jake Roper

Michael Stevens: Quick Facts


Source: Devian Tart
  • Born on 23rd January 1986 in Kansas.
  • His birth sign is Aquarius.
  • He has a sister named Melissa Stevens.
  • His father was a chemical engineer, while mother worked as a teaching assistant.
  • He went to Blue Valley High School.
  • He graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology and English literature from the University of Chicago.
  • His interest in video editing grew after he watched a re-cut trailer of The Shining.
  • His channel Vsauce celebrates curiosity by investigating non-mainstream, abnormal, and extraordinary questions in a fun, thought-provoking way.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $5 million.