Home Article 36 Years YouTuber Keemstar Has Kept Secrets About Her Daughter; Know if He Is Married Or Dating A Girlfriend

36 Years YouTuber Keemstar Has Kept Secrets About Her Daughter; Know if He Is Married Or Dating A Girlfriend

Updated On 10 Mar, 2020 Published On 03 Sep, 2018
36 Years YouTuber Keemstar Has Kept Secrets About Her Daughter; Know if He Is Married Or Dating A Girlfriend

The famous YouTuber, Keemstar aka Daniel M. Keem is mostly known for making trolls and drama videos on his channel, Drama Alert. Being a controversial figure, the personality has landed into a lot of troubles for his insensitive comments and even got his previous Youtube channel suspended.

Keeping his personal life under the wraps, the Youtuber hid his mystery girlfriend for a long time but later revealed that he has a daughter as well. Well, who could have thought that this pretty face is hiding something behind the camera? Who is his secret girlfriend? Is he secretly married or is planning to?


What is Keemstar Up To Now?

Daniel M. Keem aka Keemstar is currently in a romantic live-in together relationship with his spouse to be, Melissa. The YouTube star who hid the real identity of his partner took an adorable picture of the duo on October 22, 2016, via Twitter. 

The Dramaalert star and his sweetheart share such amazing chemistry that his fans were curious to know when and in which context they met or if they've married. Notably, the social media phenomenon revealed he and his girlfriend, Melissa started dating in 2007.

Though, the couple might not have tied a knot they are soon planning to take their relationship to the next level. Their only child, daughter Mia is seven to eight years old. Keem is a proud father and loving beau who spends quality time with his family in the meantime rather than getting busy in his job. 

Is Keemstar Dating Someone Secretly Or Is Already Married? Who Is His Daughter?

Keemstar is still keeping some secrets in his life!

The 37-years-old Youtuber has been behind the curtains when it comes to his love life. Busy with his career on Youtube, Keem has not shared much information about his love life with the public or media.


Keemstar has a secret girlfriend whom he does not likes to reveal.
Source: We The Unicorn

Keem mentioned a girl back in 2017 where he tweeted a picture with the caption, "My Gf found an old disposable camera. we just had it developed."

Though he admitted to being in a relationship, the rumors of him having a wife are straight denied by him. He once tweeted that he was not married and would never get married.

Talking about a little girl who has appeared with Daniel various time is his adopted daughter named Mia Keem. He loves his daughter and has talked about her on several occasions.

Here's another post of Keemstar celebrating Halloween 2017 with his girlfriend and daughter.

Daniel first mentioned his daughter in a Twitter post on 20th April 2014 when a fellow Twitter user mocked the star for his frequent engaging on social media rather than taking care of his family.

Daniel than replied to the tweet insulting the user,

The identity of his girlfriend and their adopted daughter is still a mystery to the public. However, he is often seen having fun with his adorable daughter.


Keemstar enjoying with his daughter Mia.
Source: Pinterest

Let us hope that the Youtube personality soon reveals about his mystery girlfriend.

Keemstar's Argument With Alex Was A Huge Controversy!!

While Keemstar was a moderator on Battlecam.com, he got into an argument with another moderator by username AlexXx8 who called Daniel a 'Whoop' and a 'Dago' which are racial slurs in Italy.

Alex featured Keemstar on the front page of Battlecam and apparently, more of the users thought Keemstar as more of a moderator than Alex and many of them thought of Keemstar being selfish and the argument began between the moderators.

Daniel than live-streamed on BlogTV furiously calling Alex some racial words which soon became the meme and controversial. He stated,

"You righteous f*cking n*gger, Alex, is doing this sh*t! You fucking n*gger! Everyone type in chat Alex is a stupid n*gger!"

The story was not known until Keemstar went across a video rapping the n-word which reminded him of the incident. He then told the whole story and regrets calling him the racial slurs. 

Keemstar: Quick Facts


Source: GFuel
  • He was born on 8th March 1983.
  • His birthplace is Buffalo, NY.
  • Full name is Daniel M. Keem.
  • His nickname is DJ Killer Keemstar.
  • His channel accumulated more than 300,000 subscribers within the first year.
  • His birth sign is Pisces.
  • Stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs about 75kgs.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $2 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.


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