Andrew Gillum is renowned for energizing Democratic audiences with his charismatic presence and soaring rhetoric which happens to be his most appealing attribute.

Currently, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida in the 2018 election - Andrew's personal life is lesser known amongst fans and admirers alike.

In today's section, we shall be providing you with details of Gillum's married life and children, including the relationship he carries with his wife as well as the love story that began it all.   

Andrew Gillum's Beautiful Married Life - Blessed With Three Adorable Kids

Andrew Gillum is married to his wife R. Jai Howard. The couple tied the knot on 24th May 2009.

Andrew Gillum with his wife R. Jai Howard
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R. Jai describes her partner as a "great dad and dancer". When asked about her husband's role as a father, she said:

"Andrew is a really great dad, he's making sure that this campaign doesn't affect our family time and our family life."

The couple shares three children together, named Caroline Gillum, Jackson Gillum, and Davis Allen Gillum. The former two, are in fact twins. The entire family resides in Tallahassee.

Andrew Gillum with his wife and three kids
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Andrew and R. Jai were college sweethearts. As per a story in Tallahassee Magazine, they were classmates at Florida A&M University when they met in the late 1990s. Both of them were participating in student government at Florida A&M in their college years.

Andrew told the magazine:

"She came in one day with sort of a short skirt on, so I gave her a warning and told her she had to leave the chamber because she was not appropriately dressed."

However, during the same interview, R. Jai insisted that she arrived in a business suit. The magazine reported the duo began to date a bit later when they were still in graduate school.

As the pair got in a relationship, it was a matter of time before Andrew popped the question to his future wife. Tallahassee Magazine presented a romantic image of how the proposal went. 

Apparently, Gillum proposed R. Jai in California's Wine Country which included a horseback ride through a vineyard.

Andrew told the magazine:

"I got down on one knee and asked her if she would be my life partner."

Meanwhile, as per the Tallahassee Magazine, Andrew's spouse is currently an executive director of United Way of the Big Bend's The BEST Project. It "helps people achieve long-term financial stability and quality of life through services such as tax preparation help".

Andrew Gillum Follows His Mother's One Particular Advice About Life

On 28th August 2018, Andrew Gillum mentioned his mother on his Twitter account where he revealed she told him a person should only ask for one thing in life.

 Andrew wrote:

"My mother said the only thing in life you should ever ask for is a chance."

The politician followed this by urging people to vote. He said, "This is our chance. Polls open at 7 AM and close at 7 PM."

Andrew Gillum: Quick Facts


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  • Born on 26th July 1979 in Gainesville, Florida, USA. 
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • His parents are Charles Gillum and Frances Gillum.
  • He has six siblings.
  • His mother was a school bus driver while his father was a construction worker.
  • He went to Gainesville High School.
  • He attended Florida A&M University, graduating in Bachelor of Arts.
  • He is best known as Mayor of Tallahassee and a nominee of Florida governor.
  • He was the city's youngest commissioner aged 23, serving on the Tallahassee City Commission from 2003 to 2014.
  • He became the Florida Democratic Party's nominee for Governor of Florida in 2018 when he won the Democratic primary election.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $334,200.