Home Article 45 Years Former American Basketballer Chris Webber's Married Relationship With Wife Erika Dates; His Other Affairs

45 Years Former American Basketballer Chris Webber's Married Relationship With Wife Erika Dates; His Other Affairs

Updated On 03 Jun, 2022 Published On 14 Dec, 2018
45 Years Former American Basketballer Chris Webber's Married Relationship With Wife Erika Dates; His Other Affairs

Chris Webber is married to Erika Dates and has 2 kids after years of trying to conceive. He has been associated with names like Tracee Ellis Ross, Tyra Banks, and Nia Long.

It is not unheard of for a celebrity to have dated multiple girls in their lifetime but almost every star eventually do find the love of their life and settle down. But the challenges and heartbreaks that are faced after the love are no less than the path to finding that love.

Chris Webber is an athlete and no matter how physically fit you are, heartbreaks are no easy thing whether it be because of the love of a woman or the love for a child.

45 Years Former American Professional Basketballer Chris Webber's Married Relationship with Wife Erika Dates

The 6 ft 9 inches tall player and his spouse are united as a life partner for a decade now. Most notably, the duo is blessed with two lovely children. The kids had brightened up their conjugal life even more. Since the basketballer has mingled with Social Butterflies founder, they never looked back.

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Even though Webber was involved in multiple affairs in his lifetime, he found a perfect match in Erika Dates. The cupid first met around 2007 and dated for almost two years before getting married to her on 6 September 2009.

The pair tied the knot in holy matrimony at Chris's home in Atlanta where they held a small but beautiful ceremony. The Webbers were married for quite a while and they were trying to take the next natural step after marriage; children. But after many disappointments and many years of failures and waiting, the lovebirds were finally blessed in June 2017 with boy-girl twins.


Chris Webber, Wife  Erika Dates, and their twins.

Being parents is one of the proudest and the happiest time of any pair and it's even more special when that pride is attained by couples who are trying to have kids but have failed.

Regardless to say, Chris and Erika were really happy and they shared their happiness with the world through their social media. Erika posted a photo of the four on her Instagram with an inspirational quote motivating people to never give up.

There is no mistake in assuming that it was the greatest day of the duo's life as it is clearly seen that they couldn't have asked for anything more and have found true happiness. Maybe because of the failures and heartbreaks that they went through, the marriage of the blessed couple is still going strong and tight.

Chris Webber Past Affairs And Relationships 

Before Chris’s happy married life, Chris was associated with quite a number of girls and in that long list, he has big names like Tracee Ellis Ross, Tyra Banks, and Nia Long.

He was romantically involved with the actress Nia Long from 2nd February 1993. The couple stayed in relation for two long years before finally separating on 26th September 1995.

Chris was once dating Tyra Banks.
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Following his break up, he dated the beautiful actress Tracee Ellis Ross who is the daughter of the famous singer/actress Diana Ross in 1996. Their relationship lasted for a whole three years but they parted ways in 2000.

Later Tyra Banks dated Chris from 2002 to 2004 and they were inseparably in love for two years. Tyra was often seen at Sacramento Kings games, and rumors circled that the two were getting engaged too but those rumors ended when the two broke up.

Although the identities of the past lovers of Chris is out on the open, there aren't many details available regarding how the relations were. He has also been associated with Brandy Norwood, Brandy Cent and Amanda Lewis but like the old saying 'eventually true love will be found', Chris came across Erika and they are now living a perfect life together.

Some interesting facts of Chris Webber

  • Chris Webber is referred to as C-Web by his friends and family members.
  • Webber has his own record label, Humility records, and his own comic book, Webber's World.
  • Chris was once traded in the six-player deal to the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Webbers has a huge collection of signed historical documents of pro-African-Americans, including items of Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King.
  • Chris was once suspended for eight games for violating the NBA's drug policy and pleading guilty for cheating a grand jury.

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