The Compton-born rapper DJ Quik, best known for his affiliation with 'Snoop Dogg' and 'Tupac Sukar' at Death Row Records has mesmerized his fans with 'Down, Down, Down' and 'Tonite'. 

The father-of-two has maintained his personal life low-profile. If you guys want to know whether the star is single or married or secretly dating someone, here you go with every info! 

'Pitch In On A Party' Singer DJ Quik's Life With Alicia Hill And Kids

It's not a strange matter to see our favorite celebs manage every personal stuff behind the bars.

DJ Quik, 48, the Safe + Sound singer has much to share about his romantic life, still, he's not ready for that.

DJ Quik; one of the greatest singers of all time
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Some sources reported that Quik is married to Alicia Hill but the star has not spoken a word regarding the very subject matter. It's still not clear whether the pair is dating or married but they definitely lived a happy family life.

The couple is blessed with a son David Blake Jr. and a daughter Davienna Marlena Blake, 26. His son graduated from high school in 2012. Quik used his Facebook to congratulate his son for his success.

We never know Quik is still with his love or not. We are still waiting to know more details in the upcoming days.

DK Quik Spoke About His Daughter's Murder Case

Back in June 2013, Quik's daughter and her boyfriend were arrested suspecting the two for child abuse and first-degree murder.

Blake and Darell Moses Alvarez faced probable murder case for the death of their two-year-old son. They were arrested by the Phoenix police as the child was found dead with multiple bruises all over his body.

DJ Quik's daughter Davienna Marina Blake charged with murder in the death of her son 

The child had wet the bed overnight and that was the reason the couple started arguing. Alvarez hit his child with a leather belt while Davienna didn't interfere as she thought that it may worsen the scenario.

Legendary West Coast rapper spoke about his daughter's murder case at the Los Angeles premiere of Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain. He mentioned that he'll always stand by his daughter throughout the tough time.

He said,

"I don’t like to talk about it. But I’m supporting her. It wasn’t her fault."

"She didn’t do it and that’s all I’m going to say."

No matter what's the result. Quik always stood by his daughter's side. Yet, there's more to know whether everything has settled down or not!

DJ Quik: Quick Facts

Source: The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
  • Born on 18 January 1970 in Compton, California.
  • He's highly inspired by American singer and composer Roger Troutman.
  • His love for music began at age 2 as his mother had an extensive record collection.
  • He started playing instruments at 12 and by 21, he became a platinum-selling artist.
  • He initiated his music career selling homemade mixtapes including The Red Tape in 1987.
  • He dropped out high school at 11th grade.
  • He released his debut album 'Quik Is the Name' in 1991.
  • His second album Way 2 Fonky was certified gold in October 1992.
  • He has an estimated net worth of about $3 million.