Marriage is a formal commitment by partners to give legal identity to their relationship. Nobody would enter into marital bonds with the intention of violating marital vows. Situations and circumstances compel one to seek divorce as a solution for incorrigible misunderstanding, disloyalty, and lack of trust between partners. Like any other social institutions, marriages also could become defunct. Despite taking the solemn vow in the presence of one's faith, friends and the priest marriages fail. Here are the six common factors likely to put an end to marriage:

1. Young Age

Many researchers have revealed age as a factor behind the divorce. They have concluded that people who get married at a young age are likely to seek a divorce. This is because immaturity due to young age does not make it possible to take a correct decision on serious matters such as marriage. 

Instead of taking a reasoned decision, young people tend to decide on short-term personal whims and preference.  They are not educated and experienced enough to differentiate between love and infatuation. With time, they may develop an attraction towards others and find their partner incompatible. Such a situation most often leads to infidelity, extra-marital affairs and conflicts in the family resulting in divorce.

2. Insufficient sex

It is believed that sexual intimacy also plays a key role in maintaining a healthy, working relationship between husband and wife. Sex is a natural and biological necessity in human life. When there is lack of such satisfaction and intimacy, there may be repercussions like disputes, arguments, and disrespect between the couple, which might jeopardize their marriage.

3. Lack of Communication

 Good communication works as a lubricant to smoothen the marriage boat. When the conversation starts to deteriorate, and the couple does not share things with each other, which create a fertile ground for suspicion. When suspicion grows conflicts mount. Consequently, divorce becomes imminent.

4. Abuses

Another factor to cause the couple to split is physical, mental and emotional abuses. The consistent verbal quarrels might lead to mental and emotional abuses, and sometimes it can cause physical assault in the fit of anger by the spouse, who happens to be the husband most of the times. No one wishes to live the life where every second seems like a hell. Thus, they seek to terminate their marriage.

5. Money: Money emerges as a vital cause of destruction when there is an acute shortage of it

Life is not like “Love will keep us alive.” People need bread, a place to live and things to wear to survive and be alive. As money is synonymous with material comfort, it helps to fulfill people’s wishes and desire. At times, money can also compensate other lacks and work wonders for cement relations. However, acute shortage of it can breed a deeper sense of dissatisfaction and depression. Except for some ideal marriages, the boat of marriage sinks in the absence of deep pockets.

6. Ego and attitude

Often, even serious sounding fights and quarrels between husband and wife settle down quickly, and anger changes into conciliation in no time if there is no animosity for each other. However, when ego and personal vendetta is at the root of contention, it only deepens like a bushfire. Ego problem is the most serious cause and a fertile ground for divorce.

Marriage is a joyful occasion in every culture. It is supposed to be the bedrock of other social institutions. All major religion has given due importance to wedding rituals and has linked it with a divine wish. There is no such thing as perfect marriage. Problems keep emerging now and then, but smart people also know how to deal with them.

Despite very serious problems, committed partners can steer their marriage boat out of peril and save themselves from pangs of bitterness and regret that gnaw one for the rest of life. When causes mentioned above are not taken seriously and treated correctly in time, nothing can save divorce from happening. For the good of children, for stability and comfort in the life of the spouses, longer the marriage survives, better it is. Thus, One better takes these six causes seriously.