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7 Awkward Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Updated On 13 Aug, 2017 Published On 11 Aug, 2017
7 Awkward Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Before taking a crucial decision of marriage you should be very sensitive of some of the terms of your soulmate so that your married life be a long lasting one.

Marriage is actually a crucial decision. It's a transition phase where you're about to face many changes in your life.

A lot of individuals face unhappy and unsuccessful marriage that ultimately leads to stress, confusions, and loss of a person you once loved.

The challenges of child-rearing, unexpected health problems or financial setbacks makes us overwhelmed and perplexed at times. So, it's better to clear things out before getting trapped in a suffocating relationship. Hence, every individual should be aware of certain facts about your partner

Here are some of the awkward but impactful questions you can ask your future wife/husband before saying 'I do.'

1. What's your thought about Children?

Everyone should take opinions about whether or not to have kids. The topic should be openly discussed and clarified before getting married. 

People may, however, change on anyway with time. Their preference may change may get a twist with the situation. 

Source: Little Beet Kids

You need to have a broad thought on the very topic. How many children are you expecting? What happens if infertility is an issue?

These issues should be discussed with any possible outcome you may face in days to come.

2. How much do we talk about our relationship to others?

Make an outline ground rules to what extent you can express your "private affair" with friends or the family members. It's not about having a control in a relationship but keeping strong emotional intimacy is very important. 

Source: The Odyssey Online

Once getting married, lots of people's expectations change. Is it all okay if your partner shares the relationship issues to her best friend?

Can you sustain the situation where a husband asks his mother for marital advice? There is no perfect answer to what extent one can share personal stuff with friends and family.

3. Is there anything you expect to change?

It's seen very often marriage fall apart with some misunderstanding or conflicts between the couple.

Source: Crosswalk

Many people suggest that life will get a drastic change with the arrival of a baby. The husband starts getting responsible with family, kids, and money.

Well, the very matter should be discussed before starting a conjugal life together.

4. How do you feel about "Couples Therapy"?

Feeling free to ask about any confusing point is a critical task. Taking each other's view even in minor subject matters can be a plus point because " the healthiest people and the best kind of therapy is when you don't have any big problems or conflict."

Source: Good Therapy

You are just trying to overcome the curiosity and eagerness to grow and learn. Therapies can support your relationship, provide reassurance, and give you tools you need to grow as a couple.

5. How will we handle our in-laws?

As per some survey, in-laws are mostly responsible creating conflicts in the couple and pushing them into divorce.

Source: Blogs.uai

People usually are unaware of the fact in the beginning but once you get married you'll get introduced to a new family with some new traditions, holidays, children affecting day-to-day decisions.

A common mistake guys make taking the side of his mother over his partner. In fact, he should be with the one who is correct.

6. How much debt do you have?

The financial status of a family is one of the major cause of disturbance and divorce. Whatever is the amount of debt, you should not lie it with your partner.

Source: My Money Coach

If you don't feel necessary to share such matter, the secret debts may one day get a revelation with a punch at your trust.

7. What makes you feel loved?

Many couples make a mistake assuming that your partner is about to love you the same way as you do. There are basically five love languages- physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

Source: Vix

You should be aware of the matter to what category your partner falls under. For instance, if his top language is physical touch, then simply be by his side most of the time than trying some other ways.  

So, before you and your partner end up asking questions about what went wrong in couples therapy, it's better to ask all these questions now to your partner and make decisions together.

Relationships are hard, but marriage is even harder. For more updates follow our page!!!!!!!!!!! 

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