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7 Ways To Surprise Your Partner On This Valentines' Day That You Can Start Planning Now!

Updated On 28 Jan, 2018 Published On 28 Jan, 2018
7 Ways To Surprise Your Partner On This Valentines' Day That You Can Start Planning Now!

7 Ways To Surprise Your Partner On This Valentines' Day That You Can Start Planning Now! Including Cooking A dinner, Romantic GetAway, Couple's Adventure Trip, Surprise Proposal, Re-creating your First Date and so on,

Each year on February 14th, lovers and partners all around exchange gifts, cards, flowers to celebrate "the day of love." While the day has it's own zest, we all are quite bored of the Valentine stereotypes and cliches like gifting roses or going on an expensive restaurant date. 

Let's admit, the expectations never meet the reality and we often wind up dreading the "what could be" the most important day of the year for you and your partner. It's never too late to stir things up and switch things up that beats the cheesy Valentine's Day surprises making it worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

So what can you pull off, that's not cliche, unique and rather good enough to sweep your partner of his/her feet? Check out below seven easy ideas you could follow on this year's Valentine's Day

1. Cook a Romantic Dinner

Just imagine an evening with your partner in a cozy apartment enjoying a soulful dinner with a bottle of wine and soothing music filled with laughs and giggles! Doesn't it sound perfect?


Take a time off work on this day and prep for cooking your partner's favorite dish, like roasted steak or lamb or something Italian like Pasta or spaghetti. Decorate your room with lights and candles and enjoy the quality time with your partner. If you want to go extravagant you can pop up a bottle of champagne too!

2. Surprise Proposal

You might be dating him/her for such a long time and even thought a number of times to take your relationship to the next level like getting engaged or married! Well, Valentine's day is the perfect day to propose your partner and give him/her the best surprise everrrrr... 


Start with a morning surprise, leaving a note asking him/her to come to a restaurant in the evening. You can pop the question after the dinner or during the dinner and it's pretty sure your partner will say YES!

3. Re-create Your First Date

This will be really special for both of you. The first time you two met and how you thank god every day for bringing him/her into your life through the first date is worth experience again.


Take your partner to the same old coffee shop or theatre where you went on date for the first time and do everything that you did then. It'll be fun yet romantic!

4. Couple Adventure Trip

Life will definitely be monotonous with crazy work schedules, meeting the deadlines and in a blink, you and your partner miss the spark that kept your romance burning!



Worry not as an adventure trip with your lover will definitely boost your relationship making you forget about work and day-to-day hectics. Go on a camping trip or jungle safari to be close to nature and discover more about your partner! If you want to spend an entire Valentine's week you can even fly somewhere far and enjoy the rainforests of the coastal regions, or surf in Bali!

5. Buy A Pet Together

Researchers have discovered that getting a pet or having a baby strengthens the bond of the couple, teaching us how to co-operate as a family. Hence, it's not the worst idea to gift your partner his/her favorite pet- a cute puppy or a kitten!


Owning a pet together on Valentines' day will be pretty special as together you now have someone to share your love, be responsible for and also learn about teamwork.

6. Romantic GetAway Destination

"Couples who travel together, stay together." The saying is true as going to somewhere far away from the city and enjoying each other's company is possibly one of the best surprises you could give to your partner.


There are many such Valentine's Destinations waiting for you. A few to name would be Paris, Venice, Bali, Hawaii, Santorini, Pokhara and so on.

Let us make this Valentine's day even more special; here are top 12 places you can visit with your partner

7. Night Under The Stars

This idea is for all of you guys! Surprise your girl with a night underneath the stars. It might take a little bit of time and effort to find that perfect place from where you can see the sparkling sky.



Drive towards the coast, pack a picnic, loads of blankets and a wine or champagne for the night. If you want to go old-school you can also write a letter or a simple note about how you feel to make her feel even more special.

This Valentine's Day, think outside the box and do something you've always wanted to do or something you've never done before. And if you follow above ideas, it's certain it won't be a boring Valentine's Day this year!

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