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Actress Kim Darby Married Several Times and Divorced; Her Spouses And Current Relationship Status

Updated On 02 Oct, 2023 Published On 20 Nov, 2018
Actress Kim Darby Married Several Times and Divorced; Her Spouses And Current Relationship Status

For some people, finding the perfect love is troublesome and likewise, some people cannot keep their existing love going. Keeping the relationship intact is really hard for some people, especially for celebrities.

American actress Kim Darby married not once, not twice but four times. The Golden Globe Award for Best Actress nominee, Kim, was in fleeting relationships. She married four times and has affairs with several other men. Read everything you want to know about Kim Darby's troublesome marriages and divorces. 

What is Kim Darby Up To Now? Who is Her Current Spouse?

Kim Darby, the retired American actress was married and divorced four times in her life but none of the relationships lasted longer than three years.

Since her past failed marriage, she seems to have chosen to remain single and does not have a spouse or a partner. As the True Grit cast is absent on social media, there's not a single hint regarding her child, Heather Elias

Kim Darby's Marriages, Husbands, and Divorces 

Kim Darby, now the retired actress is famous for True Grit, Better Off Dead, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, etc. movies. She has had several relationships, including four marriages. Neither of her married affairs lasted longer with any of her husbands. As the True Grit cast is absent on social media, there's not a single hint regarding her child, Heather Elias. 

Is Kim Darby In a Relationship Again?

Kim Darby aka Deborah Darby is not married or romantically linked to many men in her 70s as is not seeing anyone at the moment. It seems like, she has no trust or interest in anyone again since the bitter split from her ex-partners.

Kim Darby is famous for her roles in American films such as The Strawberry Statement. SOURCE: Instagram (Kim Darby)

Furthermore, after a long twenty-six-year gap, the X-Files star Kim Darby was rumored to be in a relationship with Johnny Crawford, an American singer, actor, and musician. The duo allegedly started dating in 2007.

News had it when Kim and John were caught holding hands together on a PDA. Also, both of the parties looked very happy and enjoying each other's company.

Actress Kim Darby on the set of Better Off Dead. SOURCE: Instagram (MeTV)

Kim and Johnny once shared a screen in the 1960s American drama "The Restless Ones". The chemistry between them is still criticized by many. Crawford is acclaimed for portraying Mark McCain in the notorious ABC Western series, The Rifleman in the 1960s.

Darby prefers to keep her love life under the curtains she is in her 70s. She might not be involved in any kind of romantic relationship. 

Past Marriage, Husband, And Divorce 

Kim Darby's first spouse was James Stacy. Kim and James dated from 1967 before tying the knot on 20 March 1968. During their relationship, Kim was quite young because she was only 19. Kim and James share a daughter, Heather Elias. 

Unfortunately, they filed for divorce nine months later. As a whole, this couple stayed together for two years from 1967 to 1969

Kim's first husband, James Stacy. Source: YouTube

Actor James Westmoreland was Kim's second spouse. They walked down the aisle on 6 February 1970 but they called it quits the same year. This couple did not share a baby. 

Kim Darby and her third husband James Westmoreland during their wedding. Source: Pinterest 

Westmoreland died of colon cancer on 14 September 2016 in California, USA.  Shortly after being apart from Westmoreland, Kim married actor and producer William Tennant. They exchanged their vows in 1970 but Kim's relationship did not last again. She parted ways with her former spouse within Tennant a few months of their marriage.

After eight years Kim started dating actor Jack La Rue, Jr. They married in 1978 and the marriage seemed to last forever, however, after three years, she divorced him as well.

Kim Darby: Rumored Affairs 

Kim's first known relationship was with Desi Arnaz Jr, however, no information is available regarding the beginning and the end of their relationship.

Check out the clip of Kim Darby talking about working with Jason Bateman on Teen Wolf Too!

After her divorce from her husband, James Stacy, Kim hooked up with American actor Pete Duel in 1969 but they broke up after a year. Duel later killed himself by shooting in the head on 31 December 1971. 

Similarly, Kim also dated Bruce Davison who is known for his lead role in the horror movie Williard. This duo started their relationship in May 1970 and ended in February 1971. The reason for their break-up is not known.  

Moreover, Kim also stayed in a short relationship with actor David Carson in 1973. At the age of 28 in 1976, Kim had a relationship with her junior actor Andrew Stevens. Like in previous relationships, Kim and Andrew's relationship was short-lived.

Kim Darby and her current boyfriend Johnny Crawford. Source: Showbiz Post

Currently, Kim is in a relationship with actor Johnny Crawford for more than 11 years. They started dating in 2007 but they are still unmarried. They don't have any children together. 

Kim Darby's Performance in True Grit

Miss Darby played a vital role in the Oscar-contending movie, "True Grit" alongside Glen Campbell, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, John Wayne, the 2010 Cohen Brothers, and Joe Namath. The story was written by author Charles Portis who died at age 86 on February 18, 2020. 

The Adventure, drama, western film was made in 1969 in Japan and was able to collect $252.3 million at the box office collection. The movie is based on a drunken-hard-nosed U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger who helps a stubborn teenager find out her father's murderer in Indian territory.

Kim Darby Wiki-Bio - Background

Kim Darby was born Deborah Zerby on 8 July 1947 in Los Angeles under the sun sign, Cancer. She is the daughter of Budapest native Inga Wiere and Jon Zerby. 

Darby had a keen interest in acting and dance from an early age. At a teen age, she began performing as a singer and dancer believing that she could not hope for serious major roles in movies. Later then, she also performed under the name "Derby Zerby" and renamed herself "Kim".

Kim Darby is an American actress who is renowned for True Grit. Source: Inside Edition

Apart from acting, Kim is a fine author as well. She has published two books: I Wish I May I Wish I Might and True Grit: Jeff Bridges. Till today, she appeared in 83 movies and television shows. She is a niece of entertainers Harry Wiere, Sylvester Wiere, and Herbert Wiere.

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