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Learn the top 8 natural ways to Reduce Period Cramps

Updated On 23 Jul, 2017 Published On 23 Jul, 2017
Learn the top 8 natural ways to Reduce Period Cramps

Though menstrual cramp sucks it is a regular process every single woman has to face. Hence, you should be aware with the menstrual cramp and possible ways to reduce it.

"Don't talk to me..........I'm on my Period!!!!!!!"

Girls go through a lot when she is on her period; Mood swing, constant bleeding and on the top of that Period Cramps.   

Menstrual cramp is, in fact, unbearable for some with discomfort around the abdomen, lower back, and thighs.

What is Menstrual Cramp and Why it Actually Happen?          

Before discussing the possible remedies of menstrual cramp, it is important to understand the cause of that.

The pain can sometimes be as painful as a heart attack. However, it is a normal symptom especially the days before or the first days of your menstrual cycle.

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But if the pain is unbearable every time affecting your work, social activities, it's better to consult a doctor.

At the time of period, the muscles of your womb contract and relax in a regular basis to help shed built-up lining. Some girls and women even experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, or even diarrhea.

Even doctors are undergoing on their research on why some women experience painful menstruation and others don't. Here are some factors associated with the menstrual cramp.

  • A heavy blood flow
  • Having a first child
  • Being under the age of 20, or just starting your period
  • An overproduction of or sensitivity to prostaglandins, a hormone that influences your womb.

Well, here you go some of the natural ways to get a relief from menstrual cramp: 

 1. Lemon Water

It is very important to remain hydrated during that time. Drinking lemon water every morning after you wake up plays an efficient role to reduce pain to some extent.

Lemon water has an alkalizing effect which maintains the water and minerals level in the body.

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Lemon water has an alkalizing effect which maintains the water and minerals level in the body.

2. Proper Magnesium in Your Diet

According to DeJarra Sims, ND, assistant professor of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University's California campus, getting more dietary magnesium seems to help ease the pain of cramps.

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Magnesium in food items helps regulate nerve and muscle functioning. Many research on the very topic has evidenced magnesium as a promising treatment for menstrual cramp.

3. Boost Endorphins Your Way

Endorphins can not only have an effective result in menstrual cramp but also boost your mood. You can perform several exercises that can boost endorphins and help chase away the pain. 

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As per a report in the Journal of Family Reproductive Health in March 2015, both aerobic exercise and stretching helped ease period cramps for 105 students in the study.

You can also have dark chocolate. It contains endorphins, minerals, and antioxidants that are beneficial to your health. 

4. Heating Pad

One small study conducted in 2001 in Evidence-Based Nursing found that topically applied heat is as effective as ibuprofen for period cramp.

Source: The Nature's Farmacy

Some used a combination of both whereas some used either of them and got a significant outcome.

A review of studies published in March 2014 in the Journal of Physiotherapy showed that application of topical heat decreased pain to a significant level.

5. Massage with Essential Oils 

A research conducted by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in May 2012 proved to do the essential oil massage to calm down the extreme pain.

Source: The Alkaline Room

6. Fish Oil and Vitamin B1

Another natural method for the period cramp relief is taking fish oil supplements, vitamin B1, or both.

The teens involved in the survey took 100 milligrams per day and 500 mg daily of fish oil supplements.

Source: Quora

The result was really breath taking. Those taking the fish oil, B1 or both felt significantly less pain than others.

7. Ginger Soup

One of the ways to keep the cramps at bay is consuming the mixture of water and ginger root. 

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Boil the ginger root in water for about half an hour and have the solution. Giger is actually a herb that inhibits the production of the hormones that cause cramps.

8. Avoid These Foods

During menstruation, it's wise enough to avoid some food stuff that causes bloating and water retention. Some foods that should be literally be avoided include:

  • Fatty foods
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Salty foods

As menstrual phase is rather a sensitive one every single woman including men should be familiar with the cause and possible ways to reduce it. 

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