A nine-month-old baby died and 15 injured when a speeding car plowed evening strollers on a busy promenade at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janerio at around 8:30 pm on Thursday, 18 November.

The victims were given the emergency medical treatment on the sand and pavement before they were taken to the hospital.

An epileptic driver plowed his car into the crowd, left a baby died and 15 injured,
Source: NBC New

According to the G1 news websites, police immediately arrested the driver who fled the scene after the car came at rest. Police said the driver, Antonio de Almeida Anaquim, 41, had an epileptic fit, and the medicine for epilepsy was found in his car.

Anaquim drove his car over a cycle path and across the promenade, hit the people, ran through tables and chairs, before stopping on the beach, witnesses said the Globo News network.

The Brazilian military police said in an e-mailed statement that there was no indication that the incident was a terrorist attack.