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A Heartfelt Love Story: The Romance of Bob Newhart and His Late Wife Ginnie

Updated On 03 May, 2023 Published On 03 May, 2023
A Heartfelt Love Story: The Romance of Bob Newhart and His Late Wife Ginnie

Bob Newhart and his late wife Ginnie Newhart were once the most loved Hollywood pair. He died in Los Angeles following a long illness. Their relationship wasn't meant to last with the tragedy in the family.

Born Virginia Lillian Quinn on December 9, 1940, in New York, Ginnie Newhart was the daughter of Bill Quinn, a renowned character actor who appeared in several popular TV shows and films. She was introduced to Bob by comedian Buddy Hackett on a blind date, and they hit it off immediately.

The pair walked down the aisle on January 12, 1963, and together they raised four children: Robert Jr., Timothy, Courtney, and Jennifer. At the age of 82, Ginnie passed away on April 23, 2023. She was the beloved wife of comedian Bob Newhart, with whom she had a 60-year marriage.

Let's Learn About The Love Story Of Bob Newhart and His Late Wife Ginnie 

Ginnie was a successful director and appeared on The Bob Newhart Show multiple times during the 1970s. was an incredible spouse, mother, and grandmother, and she will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. The two celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Bob and Ginnie's relationship was built on a foundation of laughter and shared values.

Bob Newhart and His Late Wife Ginnie Newhart exchanged the vows in 1963.  SOURCE: Getty Images

In addition, Newhart was a talented director and a devoted mother and grandmother. Her passing has left a profound emptiness in the hearts of her loved ones. Throughout Bob's career, Ginnie played a vital role, appearing in the background of his shows and participating in game shows such as Super Password and Tattletales. 

Not to mention, Ginnie was the mastermind behind the iconic finale of Newhart, in which Bob wakes up in bed with his wife from The Bob Newhart Show, revealing that the second series had been a dream. Bob and she were close friends with Don Rickles and his wife, Barbara.

The couple frequently vacationed together. Bob acknowledged Ginnie as his rock and his most ardent supporter throughout his career. Their love story began when they were set up on a blind date by the late comedian Buddy Hackett in 1962.

Furthermore, Bob and Ginnie had an instant connection from the very start. They dated for a year before tying the knot in 1963. They later became the proud parents of their four kids, Robert Newhart, Jennifer Newhart, Courtney Newhart, and Timothy Newhart.

Did Bob Newhart Marry After His First Wife's Death

Bob Newhart and his late wife Ginnie were an iconic couple in Hollywood. They were married for 60 years before her death in April 2023. Bob said he knew from the very start that she was The One. “She was everything,” he exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly in August 2019.

Bob Newhart and His Late Wife Ginnie Newhart with their family.  SOURCE: Getty Images

“We had the same values, and we enjoyed being with each other. She had a great sense of humor, so she had all the things I was looking for," she said.  Bob revealed the secret to their enviable relationship to CBS Sunday Morning in October 2020. “Laughter,” the comedian shared. “There's something about laughter, and the longevity of a marriage.” Bob Newhart and his late wife, Ginnie, were a beloved Hollywood couple. 

How's The Romantic Life Of Bob Newhart And Ginnie Newhart?

The romance between Bob Newhart and Ginnie Quinn Newhart spanned more than six decades, and it was a love story that will be remembered for generations.  Bob, is a well-known comedian and actor who gained fame for his sitcoms The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart, and his role in the movie Elf.

Watch the video of Ginnie Newhart, the late wife of comedy icon Bob Newhart.

The former couple was set up on a blind date by their mutual friend and comedian Buddy Hackett. Bob and Ginnie tied the knot in 1963 and marked their 60th wedding anniversary in January 2023. To commemorate the occasion, Bob shared a series of throwback photos on Twitter.

Together, Bob and Ginnie raised four children which includes Robert Jr., Timothy, Courtney, and Jennifer - and also had ten grandchildren. Bob and Ginnie's enduring 60-year marriage was a testament to the power of love, and their legacy will live on in the hearts of their family and friends.

Career Of Bob Newhart

Throughout his lengthy career, Bob credited Ginnie as his unwavering support system. He also attributed the longevity of their marriage to their shared sense of humor, saying, “No matter how intense the argument you're having, you can find a line, and then you both look at each other and start laughing. It's over, you know? I think that sense of humor is very important to the longevity of a marriage.”

On April 24, Julia Duffy, Ginnie's former co-star from Newhart, publicly mourned the loss of Bob's wife, describing her as "funny, candid, and with a huge heart." Julia added, "Ginnie gave me the best advice on everything from decorating to childbirth and children, and yes, husbands. I loved her. RIP Ginnie Newhart."

The native of New York City and Ginnie were great friends with Don Rickles and his wife, Barbara, and the couples often vacationed together. Their love story is an inspiration to couples everywhere and a reminder that true love is possible.

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