Home Article Emmy Award winning Reporter Jeanette Pavini, know about her career including dating life and affairs here

Emmy Award winning Reporter Jeanette Pavini, know about her career including dating life and affairs here

Updated On 30 Aug, 2017 Published On 30 Aug, 2017
Emmy Award winning Reporter Jeanette Pavini, know about her career including dating life and affairs here

Jeanette Pavini an Emmy Award winner twice on camera consumer and also as an investigative reporter.

Jeanette Pavini is a two-time Emmy Award winning Consumer Savings Expert and an Investigative Reporter. 

Today, however, we are not only here to discuss her successful professional life but also her personal life. So is the diva dating someone or already married?

Let us find it out!!! 

Jeanette Pavini; Current Relationship Status                  

Like many other celebrities, these days Jeanette also prefers to remain coy about her personal life. She still has not revealed about her affairs and boyfriends yet.  

Jeanette Pavini, source: Pinterest

We have gone through her social media Facebook, Twitter etc but then she has not posted any kind of picture that could give us a hint.

Either she is secretly dating or is focused on her career and has no time for the relationships. 

Jeanette Pavini’s career: 

Pavini has been known as the journalist, documentarian, producer and also a consumer reporter. In 2000 she was chosen as the chief consumer reporter for CBS 5 in San Francisco.

The money saving segment for her has become the backbone of her thirty minutes consumer show, The Real Deal.

Well, we have mentioned that Pavini was the winner of Emmy Awards for two times for her consumer show and investigative reporter because she completed over 8,500 news stories. 

Pavini was highlighted as a guest contributor for ‘The Today Show’ as well as other TV shows. 

She launched a program Hallmark Home and family, where Pavini particularize tips for people to save money, time and also to design savvier lifestyle. 

She has also become a part of contributing on-camera reporter for USA Today and also their video network. The investigation she has done in-depth was shown in 30 minutes program by Don Hewitt

She is also a columnist and Author, she writes for MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal Sunday, The Huffington Post, and Better Homes and Gardens. 

She also co-authored Raising Baby Green recipient of the Nautilus Gold Medal Book Award and The Library Journal. 

From 2009 Pavini has become the National spoke person for coupons.com, as a leader and this is the 40th largest website in the US. 

She is presented in different TV shows and also different national channels and in a variety of Nationals’ publications consisting Oprah.com and NY Daily News. She has completed over 300 better ways to save segments for The Better Show. 

Besides this Pavini also wrote and produced her first short documentary “From Hell to Heaven” the documentary was focused on the people who are dedicated to working for the change in World of human trafficking.

 Quick Facts of Jeanette Pavini:

Jeanette Pavini in her show, source: coupons
  • She is a Journalist, reporter and also an investigator.
  • She is able to accumulate $1.19 million.
  • She has done many shows on the television.
  • She shares tips for saving money time and savvier for lifestyle.

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