Lacey Nicole Chabert is famously known as Gretchen Weiners on the movie Mean Girls. This hot actress has enjoyed a good career in the entertainment world.

The 34-year-old hottie has surely impressed us through her acting abilities but has always kept her personal life hidden from all of her fans and many of us are eager to know more about her personal life.

She has never disclosed much information about her husband or boyfriends, but today MarriedWiki has decided to pull down the curtains. Let's roll!

Best Friend Turned Husband     

It is one of the best feelings when you marry a person who is your best friend. The same scenario happened with Lacey as she married her best friend Dave Nehdar

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In the beginning of 2014, she announced that she is now a married woman as she turned her best friend into her husband.

She broke the news on her Twitter account when she announced that she is a married woman.

Many of her fans were surprised and happy at the same time. After all their beloved actress was finally getting hitched. She was looking very beautiful in her white lace gown.


Here's a pic of my maid of honor and sweet sister Crissy @keekeetaylor I love you!

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Though the marriage was a big affair as many of her friends and family were invited there but it seems her husband does not want to come to public attention as there was no single picture of him.

Well, we all were certainly very disappointing as all of us eagerly wanted to see the guy who stole the heart of Lacey.

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She has not uploaded a single picture of her husband on her Twitter and Instagram account and many of her fans are saying that her husband does not want to come in the eyes of the public.

Welcomed Her First Child With Dave Nehdar

It is one of the most joyous moments when a baby is brought to this world and we cannot possibly imagine the sheer amount of overwhelming emotions that a mother feels when she gives birth to her first child. 

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The Lost in Space star announced that she is pregnant on her Twitter account. She made her dog wear a cloth and something very funny was written on it.

On September 1, 2016, she gave birth to her first child and named her Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. They named her after Lacey's mother, whom she respected a lot.

She was 33 at the time she gave birth to her daughter and both the mother and the child were in a good health condition at the time of delivery.

Although, there is one other member of their small family and that member is Julie's big sister. Now you all must be wondering that Lacey has two daughters.

Well, you are not completely wrong but it's a little bit different.


Kitty needed a little bit of attention as well #proudbigsis #divachihuahua #kitty #soexhaustedbutsohappy

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The 34-year-old actress also considers her dog Kitty as the big sister of her daughter. The gesture is very cute from Lacey and we all appreciate that.

The caption says it all that how much she was happy by the birth of her first child. Julia is now 5-months-old and she is getting the best of care from her mother. 

Life Is Good Today, Tomorrow And Forever

If you are blessed with a beautiful family then it is for sure that your life will be good for many years to come. If you don't consider Lacey's family a happy family then surely you do not know the meaning of a blissful life.

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If we look at all the information that is available to us, one can easily make out that both Lacey, her husband, her daughter, and their dogs are very happy with one another.

Currently, she is working on various projects on the Hallmark channel. She is still having the same level of talent that she has before.

Similarly, she is also doing many Christmas-themed movies on the channel and the audiences are loving it.

She is also doing many voice roles in movies like The Lion Guard, Justice League Action, and Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.

All of us have high hopes for her and may she became the best mother to her child and a loving wife to her husband.

Lacey Chabert: Quick Facts

  • Born on 30 September 1982 in Purvis, Mississippi to Julie (née Johnson) and Tony Chabert.
  • She belongs to English, Italian, Cajun, and Scottish descent.
  • She is best known as Claudia Salinger in the TV drama Party of Five.
  • Recently performed in Love on Safari, All of My Heart: The Wedding, and My Secret Valentine.
  • She has an estimated net worth of about $9 million at present.

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