Home Article After Divorcing Husband Keith Zubulevich, Nancy ODell is not dating anyone: Mother of three is currently focused on her career

After Divorcing Husband Keith Zubulevich, Nancy ODell is not dating anyone: Mother of three is currently focused on her career

Updated On 30 Apr, 2019 Published On 06 Mar, 2017
After Divorcing Husband Keith Zubulevich, Nancy ODell is not dating anyone: Mother of three is currently focused on her career

Nancy O'Dell is an American journalist who is best known for her show Entertainment Tonight. She is one of the most of the sought after female journalist and after winning so many fashion pageants it is rightfully said.

Recently, she was in the news due to her Oscar appearance and she was looking absolutely majestic and elegant, to say the least. 

But when there's a lot of happiness there's a little bit of sadness as well. Well, we are here to tell you all that you want to know about the life of Nancy.

First Marriage With Richard O'Dell                  

Nancy O'Dell tied the knot to first husband Richard O'Dell on September 30, 1995, in a content ceremony. They dated for a while before taking this big decision and moved together in Las Vegas.

Nancy with her first husband Dr. Richard
Source: Dr. Richard

Richard really hit a jackpot when he married her as she has won numerous pageants like Miss South Carolina in 1987 and Miss America in 1988. 

Sad Divorce

The couple was together for at least half a decade until their divorce on November 4, 2004. They didn't have any children between them. 

They didn't have any children between them. After her divorce, she said that she now understand how she felt when they go through a divorce. She said:

"I went through a divorce, celebrities go through separations and divorces, too, so you sympathize with them."

She also said that as a journalist we ask them all the details about their divorce but it looks like that after her separation she came to realize how important is personal space.

Second Marriage- Keith Zubulevich

After her separation in 2004, she started dating Keith Zubulevich, a business executive. They first met in Burbank's Bob Hope airport when they were standing in a line. 

Nancy second marriage with Keith in 2005, Source: In Style

Both of them started staring at each other and then Keith decided to strike up a conversation. 

Well, it seems the decision was pretty good as the couple got married one year later. Keith has really inspired many young men out there to be confident and talk to the girl that you like.

They got married on June 29, 2005, after getting engaged to one another few months prior, in a small resort named Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara.

Blessed with Children

Though the couple is taking care of three children together, two of them named Tyler and Carson are from Keith's previous marriage. The pair gave birth to their first child together in June 2007.


Nancy and Keith with their three children, Source: Growing Your Baby

It was a girl named Ashby Grace Zubulevich, and according to Nancy, she was named after Nancy's grandfather.

She was taking very good care of her children and the whole family used to play board games at night. She said that it's all thanks to Keith as he was the one that helped her take good care of her children.

Divorce Once Again

Everything was going very smooth until there were problems between the relation of the pair. According to the documents that she filed, the reason was irreconcilable differences.

Keith and Nancy Separation, Source: US Magazine

She filed for legal separation from her husband on September 3, 2016, and filed for the divorce in November 2017. She also wanted to have joint legal custody of her daughter with child visits allowed to Keith.

A source close to them said:

“Nancy filed for legal separation in early September. It’s very amicable and they talk every day. Their main priority is their three children.”

The couple is now separated though their divorce is not finalized yet. Few weeks after the filing of their divorce they attended a game together and surprisingly they were still wearing their wedding ring.

As of now, she is not dating anyone and taking care of her daughter together with Keith. They still remain good friends even after their divorce.

Looking at her current Instagram posts we can say that O'Dell is very happy being a single woman and single mother. 

She poses for amazing photoshoots and there's no doubt that she's celebrating every wonder of her life

Nancy O'Dell: Quick Facts

Source: Twitter

  • Born on 25 February 1966 in Sumter, South Carolina.
  • She completed her graduation from Coastal Academy High School.
  • She also attended Clemson University in 1990 and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities in May 2013.
  • She became the first runner-up to Gina Tolleson in the Miss South Carolina USA.
  • She gained wide recognition appearing on the syndicated entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight as a co-anchor.
  • She has an estimated net worth of about $16 million as of the Celebrity net worth while it is about $9.5 million as stated by the Richest.

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