Home Article After two divorces lawyer Judy Sheindlin married with Jerry Sheindlin in 1991; Know their children

After two divorces lawyer Judy Sheindlin married with Jerry Sheindlin in 1991; Know their children

Updated On 17 Nov, 2020 Published On 15 Dec, 2016
After two divorces lawyer Judy Sheindlin married with Jerry Sheindlin in 1991; Know their children

Finally, after two divorces Judy remarried Jerry Sheindlin in 1991 and she settled firmly and fairly with Jerry and their children.

Judy Sheindlin is an American Lawyer, former judge, television personality, producer and an author. Judy is best known as a no-nonsense courtroom presence on the television show Judge Judy.

She has presided over her own successful Day Time Emmy Award winning. She married a judge Jerry Sheindlin twice. Let’s talk about more detail about their married life. 

Judy and Jerry Sheindlin married life

In 1977, Judge Sheindlin is married to Judge Jerry Sheindlin, a former judge of the Supreme Court of New York.  In 1990, Judy’s father, Murray Blum, died at the age 70; his death took a remarkable tool on her wedded to Jerry.


Judge Judy with her husband Jerry Sheindlin


 Finally, they divorced in 1990, somewhat as a result of the stress and struggles that Judy suffered after her father’s death that same year. They remarried the following year along with the tug of terrible loneliness.


After that, Judge Sheindlin settled firmly into a renewed mission to distribute justice firmly and fairly. She has three stepchildren with Sheindlin: Gregory, Jonathan and Nicole, beside this she had 12 grandchildren. Whereas Jonathan is a retinal surgeon, and Greg and Nicole are Lawyers.


About Judy’s first marriage

In 1964, Judge Jody married Ronald Levy who is an American medical doctor and scientist at Stanford University. They moved to New York and had two children, Jamie and Adam.


Judy Sheindlin with her first husband Adam Levy


Later, their married life is not happier long lasting. After 12 years of marriage they got divorced in 1976. Adam previously served as District Attorney in Putnam County, New York. Adam specializes in Lymphoma, including Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease.


 Judy and her first husband Adam with their children


Education and legal career of Judge Judy

Sheindlin attended James Madison High School in Brooklyn before going on to American University in Washington D.C. where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in government. She finished her law school education at New York Law School, where she earned her Juris Doctor degree in 1965.


In 1965, Sheindlin passed the New York state bar examination, the same year she was hired as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm. In her role as a lawyer, Sheindlin prosecuted child abuse cases, domestic violence and juvenile crime.


In February 1993, Judy’ outspoken reputation made her the subject of a Los Angeles Times article. She subsequently featured in a segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes, bringing her national recognition.  This led to her first book, “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me it’s raining”, published in 1996. She retired as a family court judge that same year after hearing over 20,000 cases. Jody has authored seven books al total.


Net worth of Jody

She earned $47 million per year and has the total net worth of $250 million dollars.  She is the owner of several houses in different states in America including a condo In Beverly Hills, California.



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