Natural French beauty Clemence Poesy is known for her extraordinary personality in off the screen. Though Poesy is well known outside of France too, her personal life is under a pile of secrets.

Posey rose to fame for her appearance as Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter franchise, yet her love relationship is unknown to the fans.

Is Clemence Poesy Single or Is She Dating Someone?

When it comes to Poesy's personal life, it's all mystery as she likes to keep it that way. Whenever Posey is questioned concerning her love relationship, all her answer is 'I never talk about it at all.' and we cannot blame her for her choices in her private life.

 Actress Clemence Poesy

Actress Clemence Poesy
Source: Elle

Sophisticated actress Posey is very single at this moment. There is no single rumor regarding her current relationship status and there is no suspicion about it.

The actress likes to keep her family life miles away from media, thus she hasn't posted a single picture of her son on her social media accounts. She likes and does things differently. Despite being an actress and model, Posey prefers very minimal makeup. As a result, she is known for her natural beauty.

Clemence Poesy's Previous Relationship

Previously, Posey was in a serious love relationship with a renowned artist Emeric Glayse. After few years of romantic relationship with her boyfriend, the lovebirds announced their engagement in 2015. The couple was all set to walk down the aisle. 

 Clemence Poesy with her Fiance Emeric Glayse

Clemence Poesy with her Fiance Emeric Glayse
Source: Movie Predators

Throughout the time, the pair was doing perfectly doing. Alas, the couple chose to walk in opposite ways. The news came as a complete shock for her fans as it was inconceivable.

Since Posey is distinctly secretive regarding her personal affair, the reason behind the separation is a total mystery until Posey herself speaks about it. 

 Clemence Posey flaunting her baby bump

Clemence Posey flaunting her baby bump
Source: Dailymail

Although the couple ended their relationship, they share a son Liam Posey born in early 2017. During all the happenings Posey was pregnant with Glayse's baby. All we know is, Posey is an amazing mother to her son Liam and is living happily the life she chose.

Clemence Poesy: Quick Facts

Clemence Posey

Source: W Magazine
  • She was born on 30 October 1982 in Meudon, Hauts-de-Seine, France.
  • Her father is Étienne Guichard, an actor, and writer and her mother is a French teacher.
  • She took her mother's maiden name Poésy as her stage name.
  • Her sibling is Maëlle Poésy-Guichard, an actress.
  • She stands at 5'6" (1.68m).
  • She did most of her schooling from an alternative school, she went to L'École alsacienne for her last year.
  • She fluently speaks English and French and a little bit of Spanish and Italian.
  • Her net worth is $7 million.