Home Article Amanda Landry is still single. Did she have a boyfriend? any affair?

Amanda Landry is still single. Did she have a boyfriend? any affair?

Updated On 24 Oct, 2016 Published On 24 Oct, 2016
Amanda Landry is still single. Did she have a boyfriend? any affair?

Amada Landry is a young emerging actress. She has appeared in movies like Small fish and Joe Schmo.

There are only a handful of celebrities who can keep their love life hidden from the paparazzi. There are some celebrities who know how to keep secrets and Amanda Landry is definitely one of them.

Who is Amanda Landry?

Amanda Landry is a 21-year-old American actress and a model who is originally from Beverly Hills, California. She was named Amanda Rene Landry as a child.

She is actually a half mixture of French and Italian and is of Caucasian nationality. The blonde beauty graduated from the California State University.

She majored in International Business and graduated with Bachelors in Arts degree. Amanda also has had training from different reputed organizations for acting.

Amanda Landry is a fitness enthusiast apart from acting, she is also active in yoga, aerobics, ballet, teleprompter, and improvisation.

She is also a family person and loves her family very much. Amanda has often shared her love and respect for her closed ones through her social media accounts.


Is Amanda Landry dating anyone?

Amanda is very active in her social media accounts but very little is known about her personal life. She has neither said anything about having girlfriends nor about having boyfriends.

Some say that Amanda is married while some say that she is now divorced. Some also say that she has claimed to be single.

However, there are no strong reasons to believe any of these rumors about the young actress as she has never made any comments about her personal life.

All we can is that the relationship status of this promising actress is actually a mystery to the world. 

So why is her personal life such a big secret? Is it because there is something to hide? Or is it because Amanda thinks that her love life is not any of our concern? Whatever the reason may be, everybody is curious about her love life.

The best we can do is hope that Amanda understands our curiosity and opens up about herself a little more with media as her huge male fan following wants to know if Amanda is available?

Professional career of Amanda Landry

Amanda Landry is famous for her role in 'The Joe Schmo Shoe' in 2003, 'Workaholics' in 2011, and 'Small Fish' in 2013.

Amanda gained her popularity after she made her appearance in 'The Joe Schmo', a television reality show. She portrayed the role of Wandra Montrose, a trophy wife in the third season of the show.

She has also portrayed in movies like 'Workaholics' and 'Small Fish' along with Johnny Asuncion and Mantha Balourdou.

Amanda in World's Dumbest as Supergirl

Even if Amanda wanted to become an actress from her early childhood, prior to acting, Amanda has also worked at a restaurant located in Bangor, Maine as a Hostess.


Currently, she is one of the promising actors in Hollywood and we wish her to have lots of success in her professional as well as in her personal life.  

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