They say 'Historians are quite boring' but not in the case of Dan Carlin. His wife certainly loves him more than anything. That explains no rumors of divorce between them.

Not only that, Dan is a very funny guy so his wife and their children enjoy his company. Whenever he is busy, he likes to go fishing with his wife, though he is very clumsy sometimes. 

Let's take a look at his marriage life and know more about him.

Dan Carlin-A loving Husband

Historians are one of those people who focuses on their career more than anything else. You remember one of that person in some movies, who are always wearing the same clothes and messy hairs.

Well, that's what you call a person who doesn't care about anything but his knowledge.


Dan is currently married to his wife, Source: Radio New Zealand

His podcast, Hardcore History, is one of the most famous History show in the whole world. You may find it hard to believe that his show fetches more than a million viewers.

A random guy who talks in a simple rhythm his podcasts generally consists of no guests but himself. You can only imagine his charisma as he single handedly runs the show.

We can only imagine, how his then girlfriend turned wife fell in love with him. His charisma is more than enough to make anyone fall for him.

He is currently enjoying a delightful marriage life with his wife of many years. Though the exact details of their married life aren't there, we can say that they are together for many years.

Dan Carlin-Proud parents of Two Children

Dan is quite lucky when it comes having a very interesting family life as soon as he reaches home. As if his busy work was not enough, he has his hands full at home.

Dan shares two children with his wife, Source: Dan Carlin

He is a proud father of two kids. Just like his marriage life, he likes to keep a low profile in terms of disclosing any info regarding his family. 

His social media account is packed with photos of his shows and tweets so not much luck out there. Well, we do hope he will reveal his family to us someday.

Until that day!!

Quick facts about Dan Carlin


  • Born on 1965, in Denver, Colorado.
  • He is the son of Lynn Carlin and Ed Carlin.
  • He belongs to the Caucasian race.
  • He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • He did bachelors in History.
  • He started a news business in Los Angeles.
  • He had worked as an author, a columnist, and a radio talk show host.
  • He currently hosts two podcasts.
  • He currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.

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