Home Article Is Hellboy star Rupert Evans Dating Anyone After Break-Up With Girlfriend In 2014. See His Affairs and Relationship.

Is Hellboy star Rupert Evans Dating Anyone After Break-Up With Girlfriend In 2014. See His Affairs and Relationship.

Updated On 22 May, 2017 Published On 22 May, 2017
Is Hellboy star Rupert Evans Dating Anyone After Break-Up With Girlfriend In 2014. See His Affairs and Relationship.

Is Hellboy star Rupert Evans Dating Anyone After Break-Up With Girlfriend In 2014? See His Affairs and Relationship.He is going to Star in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.

At this modern day and age where everything is out in the open, Rupert Evans is hiding many of his personal details from the public.

Its surprising to see how a famous celebrity is able to stash his personal information in a hidden closet. After his performance in the various on-stage dramas and TV series, many people became his fans.

But all of his followers aren't happy because their favorite star hasn't revealed anything about his relationship or dating status. Fret not, as today we're going to pull down the curtains from his secret and hidden life.

Rupert Evans-Current Relationships Status

Despite being a big star, there are many celebs who refrain themselves from leaking out any type of information regarding different aspects of their lives. 

Rupert Evan is currently single and not dating anyone, Source: Nuit Magazine

Rupert belongs to the same category as he himself haven't commented anything about his relationship history. Although in the past he dated few actresses but currently, the 41-years-old actor is not dating anyone.

As many of his females fans would love to hear it, the Hellboy actor is not going out with anyone.

It's hard to believe that a guy quite like him is not seeing anyone but looks like he wants to wait it out and find the perfect one for himself.


Rupert got his big break after working in the movie Hellboy, Source: Tumblr

He seems to be very focused on building his career and not able to take time out from his work is one of the reasons for his zero dating lifestyle.

He's not active since his last movie American Pastoral, released in 2016. But looks like Rupert will soon be starring in the upcoming sequel of Hellboy, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, set to release in 2018.

After much anticipation, Rupert is speculated to star in the movie Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, Source: Zimbio

According to various websites, the movie is getting bids from all around the world for it's Chinese rights. The cast is not yet revealed but looks like Rupert will be one of the main characters.

We wish to see the talented actor back in big screen and what better to kick it off by starring in the same movie that made him a star.

Previous Relationship of Rupert Evans

Rupert may not affirm his relationships but back in the day, he dated actress Lyndsey Marshal in 2004. The speculation came after both of them attended the Hellboy's premier in Los Angeles, California.

Rupert Evans with his then-girlfriend Lyndsey Marshal attending his movie's premier, Source: Zimbio

According to various onlookers, the couple looked comfortable and were getting cozy. But their relationship didn't last long and they call it quits after few months.

But during an 2014 interview to the Guardian, Rupert did reveal about his girlfriend.

When the interviewer asked him about his all time favourite games, he stated,

I got addicted to Tiger Woods Golf. I'd be up till 3am every night and it ruined my life, so I had to go cold turkey and give them up. But I do have a chess app and I play against two or three friends. I get obsessed with that too. My girlfriend goes mental if she hears the noise of me moving a piece. I put my phone on silent so she doesn't know what I'm up to. It's my dirty secret.

Well, looks like he's separated from his girlfriend after dating her in 2014. And since then, there's no movement in his dating timeline.

As his fans we wish him all the very best for his career and hope that sooner or later he'll date someone and publicly announce it.

Quick Facts about Rupert Evans

Source: Tumblr 

  • Born on 9 March 1976, in UK.
  • His parents raised him at a farm in the rural area in Staffordshire.
  • He completed his graduation from Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.
  • Became famous after his role as FBI Agent John Myers in 2004 film Hellboy.

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