Home Article Are D Quan and Caylea Still together? Who is She Dating Currently?

Are D Quan and Caylea Still together? Who is She Dating Currently?

Updated On 30 Dec, 2022 Published On 29 Dec, 2022
Are D Quan and Caylea Still together? Who is She Dating Currently?

Inside D Quan and Caylea Woodbury's relationship. Quan is famous for his guest appearance on the Season 4 episode of Little Women: Atlanta "Juicy's Got Talent." People have shown interest in knowing about her personal life, so let's discuss their affair in today's session.

Caylea Woodbury,  who became one of the youngest cast members at 16 on the television show not too long ago, was in a high-profile marriage with rapper and songwriter D Quan. The lady has experienced everlasting scrutiny in her personal and professional life. 

After graduating and starting her career as a dancer, the TV star has been unsurprisingly busy in her personal life. Caylea is loved by the audience for her impressive acting skills. The allegations against the bombshell prompted us to dig deeper into her past, her love life, and her doomed engagement.

Inside D Quan Cage's Romantic History! - Did He Married His Fiance Caylea Cage

D Quan Cage was married to her longtime girlfriend-turned-wife, Caylea Cage. He gained fame for proceeding to the third round of the X-factor in 2012. The then-new lovebirds were engaged after a few years into the relationship in 2017. They even recorded a song titled "Give Her A Tip."

Caylea welcomed her second son, Hendrix Paul Cage in 2020. SOURCE: POPSUGAR

After a few times on the TV show "Little Women: Dallas," the two sparked romance rumors shortly after their union, and the duo confirmed their relationship later. Following a year of engagement, the couple walked down the aisle in the woods of Lakewood, California, in a low-key ceremony on June 22. 

Now, the pair has close the chapter on their marriage. While in the next episode, D'Quan's mother doesn't seem happy with Caylea's engagement and demands the ring back. But that didn't stop them from bumping uglies behind the scenes and ultimately leaving their respective soulmates.

Eventually, the engagement was canceled in October 2020. The same month, Cage suggested that the guy and Caylea part ways on her IG handle. Many believed the Inglewood native either moved on or betrayed her with another girl. 

Caylea Cage - Gave Birth To A Baby With Dwarfism

Like Caylea, the second baby boy, Hendrix Paul Cage, was born with achondroplasia on February 3, 2020, when she was 36 weeks along. After getting to know the baby's condition, her second pregnancy was candidly documented on season 2 of the Facebook Watch series "9 Months With Courteney Cox".

D'Quan Cage with his son, Hendrix Paul Cage. SOURCE: POPSUGAR

The proud family shared the special moment with fans with big smiles and hugs, saying," I was happy and sad when I learned about Hendrix's diagnosis. I was scared of what he was going to experience in this world. I don't know what he's going to deal with. People are so cruel. I don't want him to share negative things."

Tori Cage, Cage's mom, was excited for the baby to be healthy. "It's a boy, "the family and friends shouted when an emotional Caylea and their fiance finally revealed the gender of their baby in an adorable video over the Memorial Day weekend. "

After a few tries, the couple popped a balloon with enough blue powder. Not to miss, Caylea had already known the general challenges of bearing a first child, Lexington Miguel Cage, on September 12, 2018. Caylea is anticipated to grow a strong bond with her son regarding her parenthood journey.

D Quan Cage Moved On After Break Up

After D Quan Cage's divorce, he allowed a woman in his life. He starts his love life with Jace Ivannah. He shared an image of himself with his new lady love to his Instagram story, which officially confirmed their relationship. Meanwhile, Caylea appea

D Quan Cage with his current partner, Jace Ivannah. SOURCE: Instagram(@dquancage)

Similarly, Ivannah insists on having admired Cage since 2013. Quan and Jayce got engaged in the cold of 2021 and later hitched in the same year. The two welcomed their child in the Summer of 2022. D'Quan's fourth and Jayce's second child, a girl, Heav Imani, was born before he began dating Caylea in early 2016.

Is D Quan Cage the Biological Father of Hendrix Paul Cage? 

A reality television personality, Cayelea Woodley, hoped to put a rest to online speculation to prove that her fiance D Quan Cage and not another man fathered her son. Mr. Cage questioned paternity, followed by a surprise pregnancy announcement. He feared Cayla got conceived with someone else.

Check out the video of D Quan taking on Caylea's ring back.

Well, Dallas star Caylea and her partner appeared on a single episode of "Paternity Court," broadcast on February 2, 2020. In the court, the two talked about their child and second pregnancy. It was to settle a dispute about the baby boy's father, Lexington.  

The judge then asked what would occur if he created Lexington wasn't his child. Judge Lake questions Caylea's boyfriend about whether or not he thinks Lexington looks like someone else. 

"I feel like there are certain features. He looks 110 percent nothing like the other men, neither men. Nothing like him. The stakes are high. With the same man that laid with me the first time, "the former Little Women: Dallas star confirms to judge lake.

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