Home Article Austin Kroll Single or Dating his Girlfriend from Southern Charm; Find out his current Relationship Status

Austin Kroll Single or Dating his Girlfriend from Southern Charm; Find out his current Relationship Status

Updated On 23 Feb, 2018 Published On 23 Feb, 2018
Austin Kroll Single or Dating his Girlfriend from Southern Charm; Find out his current Relationship Status

Austin Kroll Single or Dating his Girlfriend from Southern Charm; Find out his current Relationship Status, Wiki, Gay Rumors, and Affairs

Reality TV star Austen Kroll became famous for his role in Bravo series, Southern Charm. Ever since making an appearance on the show his fans grew tremendously and the majority of his fans are females. 

Many of us are aware of his professional life but personal life is a different story. Like many other celebrities, he likes to keep it to himself and never talked about it in the public. 

But it all ends today as in the section below, we're going to take a close look at his dating and relationship lifestyle and also find out how his life changed after the sad demise of a family member. 

Southern Charm actor Austen Kroll Keeps Dating Life Hidden

Austen used to work in various small roles in several TV series or movies before working in the series Southern Charm. His name came to prominence after appearing on the show and he gained overnight success. 

But it's not just luck as he also worked twice as hard in order to reach the place that he is in right now. His down to earth personality is what pleases the ladies out there and it's nothing to get surprised.

There was once a lucky woman who won over the heart of this handsome hunk and the lady is none other than Chelsea Meissner. Both of them worked as an onscreen pair in the series which was the spark they needed in order to grow the romance between them. 

Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Chelsea during an interview,
Source: Bravo TV

The couple used to share a lot of pictures of them together on their Instagram account. At first many of us used to believe they are just good friends but later both of them confirmed there is something romantic between them. 


Happy 30th to this dimpled dime piece, @krollthewarriorking

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They were in a relationship for some time before they called it quits. In an interview to the Daily Dish, the actor talked about his relationship and said,

 "I talk to her all the time, great friends and the one thing that she said was, you know, we're at different aspects of our life. She kind of lives her life more like Cam does [like a homebody] and I like to go out. I like to go get a beer at 3 o'clock in the afternoon if I can, It's a part of my job. It's not really her MO."

He also recalled how crazy it was when all the cameras were on them during their relationship. He stated,

 "Chelsea and I are phenomenal friends. I love that girl to death, I really do. We became so so close during this whole thing. We were both the new guys on the block. And, so we definitely bonded over that. And the number one and two questions that I get are, “'Where’s Chelsea?' and, "Is it real?'. And I’m like, look -- I don’t know how to act. I’m as real as possibly can be. And that time when I met Chelsea and they showed it on camera and we’re play flirting -- I mean that was like the first time that her and I had ever met. I literally cultivated a relationship in front of all the fans, I mean it’s tough cause you start thinking and you’re like I’m so cheesy and then like your first kiss is on camera. And I mean, it’s nerve-wracking."

The news of their break-up was a shocking news for his fans and they were all saddened by their break-up. Well, the only good thing their relationship did was fending off all the vague rumors regarding Austen's sexual orientations.

Since his break-up with Chelsea, the actor is not dating anyone. 

Austen Kroll lost his sister in an Accident

It can be devastating for anyone to lose one of their family members and that too in a young age. When Austen and his family along with his sister, Kyle Kroll went on a hiking trip, the adventure turned horrific for the Kroll family.

Austen and his sister Kyle in an old photo
Source: Bravo TV

His sister fell off from a cliff which led to her ultimate death. It was a 200ft drop at the Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina.

She was only 9 when she took her last breath. Austen was at first confused as to what to make of this incident. He thought it was a small bruise and they will take Kyle in a hospital and treat her.

It was then Austen saw death in front of his eyes, though he didn't have a slightest of a clue regarding the whole concept of death. In an interview, he stated,

'It was all pretty surreal. I didn't understand death at that time in my life' I was like, "Oh, we're going to the hospital, she scrapped her knee and we're gonna pick her back up." 

This incident changed him inside and out. But he picked himself up from the tragic loss of his sister and moved on. 

Quick facts about Austen Kroll

  • Born on June 16, 1987, in Washington, DC.
  • He is the youngest son of Wendy and Tom.
  • His parents raised him in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • He belongs to the Caucasian race.
  • He is a devout Catholic.

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