Music is an essential part of our lives and whatever the occasion is, music plays a very big role. Be it a wedding or a birthday party or a marriage ceremony, music is very essential. 

Today, we are focusing on the wedding music mistakes that we tend to do in our wedding. We know managing your own wedding can be very stressful and after doing all the hard work your wedding was going very fine until the music starts to kicks in and boom!! your wedding is ruined as you do not look into our list of music mistakes.   

So, first of all, look into our list of common music mistakes and see how you can avoid them.

1) Saying No!! to DJ or a band, before doing some research on them

Everyone thinks that hiring bands for any event let alone wedding is way too expensive. How can one say it is very expensive before even asking someone.

There are several bands that are not too expensive and provide you with the best wedding experience. 

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But if you have a very tight budget then you can opt for a DJ as well. You can give the DJ a list of songs that you want to be played.

DJ can be perfect for you as it is not that expensive as well. It may sound different to bring a DJ in the ceremony, but really no one cares. So do not remove the idea of a band or a Dj without considering it first.

2) Check for the rules and regulation regarding Music

So you have chosen the way that you want to play the music in your wedding ceremony. Now as soon as you start the music, the police show up at your wedding and stop the music.

That will be the biggest blunder for you and your guests as well.

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Whenever you book the hall or church for your ceremony make sure to read all the rules and regulation, ask about the timing in which you can play the music.

Do not try to avoid this step, otherwise, your wedding will be ruined.

3) Switching from one genre to the other

Now, you with your partner and many of your guests are dancing to a romantic song and suddenly the DJ switch the music to salsa music.

Now, you have to adjust according to the music and it will really be very awkward for you.

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Tell your DJ to not switch from one genre to another so abruptly, make it smooth and go from one genre to another accordingly.

Whenever you are deciding on DJ make sure to check that the DJ will be able to read people's mind and switch accordingly.

4) Asking the musician to play song only during the ceremony

You have decided to have the best musician to play your music. Now your big has come and many of your guests have arrived early.

Do not tell the musician to play music only during the ceremony, but tell the musician to play the pre-ceremony and after ceremony music as well.

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You don't want your guest to sit around in a silent hall and do nothing. If the musician is playing the song then it will create a good environment for you and your guests as well.

5) Playing songs with awkward or inappropriate lyrics

Now, there are various guests in your wedding, from old people to young people and children as well. Now, if you play some rough music that has the word "f", is highly inappropriate for many guests. 

Another mistake is done when choosing a song that you think is good but in reality, are cringe.

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Songs with lyrics like, "We're looking for something dumb to do, I think I want to marry you" or, "She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes, she can ruin your faith with her casual lies," can be really awkward to hear.

Chose songs that are good for the party and will not turn the wedding party into a total disaster.

6) Playing music loudly

Now, this mistake is most probably the most repeated mistake. Now imagine you are at a party and you cannot even talk to the person sitting next to you because the music is way too loud.

It will be a very bad moment for you and the person you want to talk.


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Before the music is played by the DJ or by the band, make sure to tell them the amount of sound you need in a certain part of the ceremony. Like you can tell them to start with a simple music and then gradually increase the volume.

7) Do not choose a very long first-dance song

Now, being the bride and the groom, you have to dance on a love song. The problem comes when you choose a very long song to dance.

A song that is 10 or 15 minutes long will be a mood breaker for you and your partner as you will get bored and tired at the same time.

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Try to choose a song that is not that big. A song that is 3 or 4 minutes long will do the trick, and both of you will not feel tired at all.

You can ask the DJ to cut the song or if you have hired a band then you can ask them to play a short version of the song.

8) Hiring an inexperienced DJ or Band

You think that the DJ or the band is dead cheap and as soon as you hear their price you give them the contract for your wedding.

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But without knowing or reviewing the DJ or the band can be harmful as who knows if they are experienced or not.

If they are experienced then they will entertain your crowd with ease, but if they are not experienced then they won't be able to entertain them. So think, ask, and review your DJ or band before giving them the order.

9) Hiring the band only for few hours

You can never be accurate about how much will it take for your wedding ceremony to end.

Now, what if during the photography session or during the toast you have consumed more time than what you have planned for and the band will leave as the contract between you two has said that the band will leave after three hours.

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Never book the band for exact time as you never know how much time will it take.

For example, if you think that your ceremony will end at 10 in the night, then book the band for 10:30 so that even if your scheduled time is delayed your band will not be leaving as you have booked for more time.

10) Only Playing Music that you like

Yeah, we all know that this is your wedding and everything should be according to your preference, but selecting the song that only you and your partner is enjoying is not good. 

Now, you may want to dance in romantic songs all night but maybe your guests do not want that.

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Try to choose songs that you think that everyone will like and let DJ play it or your band to play it. Though, your MC should take care of this problem but you taking the right precaution will not harm you.