Home Article Dionne Younce Got Out of Jail After Her Controversial Relationship With Her Own Student. What Is She Up to These Days

Dionne Younce Got Out of Jail After Her Controversial Relationship With Her Own Student. What Is She Up to These Days

Updated On 16 Apr, 2019 Published On 03 May, 2017
Dionne Younce Got Out of Jail After Her Controversial Relationship With Her Own Student. What Is She Up to These Days

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Well, who can forget the outrageous teacher Dionne Younce? She allegedly sends nude pictures of herself to the students. Being a teacher means that the future of your country is in your hands but to exploit the coveted position in such a way is disgraceful.

Dionne Younce currently serving 1-year jail at St. Johns County Jail.

Dionne Younce-Charged With Sexual Misconduct                         

In early 2016, Dionne Younce sent various inappropriate pictures to various students. She was a P.E teacher at the Allen D Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

As soon as the news came to the surface, the school committee held an emergency meeting and fired her. The former teacher wasn't given any pay after this heinous act.

Dionne Younce charged with sexual misconduct
Source: Mirror

Upon getting fired from the job, police put Dionne on probation for one month. In February 2016, the local cops arrested her after collecting all the evidence.

Dionne during her hearing at the court
Source: News 4 Jax

During the police investigation, students revealed that Dionne started a sexual relationship with one of the students.

For further details regarding the incident, just read the following article on Facebook:


According to one of the students that "subtle flirtation" became sexual when they both started to send nudes to one another.

As per the police records obtained by the St. Augustine Record, she was in contact with at least three of her students on social media including Snapchat and Instagram and the news media Twitter.


A student while at a basketball game received Younce's image wearing a bra. The same image was forwarded by herself to another student; a football player. There were rumors that both the students had sex with their teacher Younce.

Four other male students and two assistant principals were also listed on the report but their names and ages have not been released.

The police charged her with an unlawful sexual relationship with a minor, and she'll serve 1-year at the local jail and is also liable to pay 200,000 thousand dollars.

Dionne's Apartment at Ponter Vedra, Boulevard
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As the major incident occurred more than two years back she's definitely released from the prison. She'll be on a 5-years probation period. Well, that's more than enough time for her redemption.

Dionne Younce- Friends And Family Are Silent About The Matter

Even though her parents chose to stay tight-lipped and not come forward, but we can take a little guess about how unfortunate they felt after their daughter did such an atrocious crime.

Dionne Younce taking a snap while driving
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Dionne's personal life is under the wraps after the incident. Details about her married life, dating affairs and boyfriend is low-profiled. We are sure that her past affairs and relationship won't come in the spotlight anytime soon.

Judging by her act, it's evident that she's must be single. But if she was in a relationship at that time, then we feel sorry for her boyfriend. 

Currently, the former Caucasian teacher is out of jail and the 30-year-old will serve 5-years as probation.

Now if she wants to repent of the previous crime, then she better be ready to face all the hate from the people around her, especially her neighbor at the Ponte Vedra Boulevard.

Dionne Younce: Quick Facts

Dionne Younce at the court
Source: Fox 30
  • Dionne Younce was born in 1988 in Louisana.
  • She completed her graduation from Southeastern Louisiana University. At the Nease High School, she used to study physical education.
  • She used to be a gym teacher at the school.
  • She also served as coach of the girls' weightlifting team at the school.

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