Home Article Behind The Last Kingdom Star Eliza Butterworth Weight Loss; Is She Dating Co-star Alexander Dreymon?

Behind The Last Kingdom Star Eliza Butterworth Weight Loss; Is She Dating Co-star Alexander Dreymon?

Published On 25 Sep, 2019
Behind The Last Kingdom Star Eliza Butterworth Weight Loss; Is She Dating Co-star Alexander Dreymon?

If you compare, there's a drastic change with the way British actress Eliza Butterworth looks currently and the way she looked at the beginning of the BBC hit show, The Last Kingdom. Amidst all the affair rumor with co-star Alexander Dreymon, could it possibly be the actress underwent weight-loss surgeries?

Eliza Butterworth Weight Loss Conspiracy

Eliza Butterworth is known for her roles in The Last Kingdom whose fourth season will be premiering in November this year, as of 2019. The half British and half American portrays one of the significant roles of the lady of King Alfred he great.

Elizabeth Butterworth before and after weight loss comparison. SOURCE: Instagram (elizabutterworth)

The currently 26 years old actress who studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art has been involved in the series since 2014. And in the nearly five years of span, a mind-blowing difference in Butterworth can be highly noticed.

To even begin with, Eliza looks massively different in the series than what she looks in real life. Of course, it's due to the makeover, attires, and the editing effect. But, diverting our attention of the actress's difference in weight and figure, the reason is surely not the editing effect or the attires.

Butterworth's Weight Loss Secrets

By analyzing Butterworth's weight loss between old and new pictures throughout the years, the actress has impressively done a great job. Clearly, the bigger jawline and the curve on her body has slightly gone. We don't mean the actress was fat or obese which is obviously, she wasn't. She had a perfect body and still has that ideal body a lot of young girls out there want.

Eliza Butterworth flaunts her curvaceous body in tights. SOURCE: Instagram (elizabutterworth)

Matter of fact, the changes in Butterworth's appearance has been the topic of attention for a lot of her fans and the show's audience. After all, why wouldn't it be?

Weight loss transformation isn't possible to happen without following strict diets and exercise regimen. For a lot of celebrities, apart from maintaining diets and performing exercises, they even tend to go for weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and liposuction.

To undergo these surgeries, the patients, however, need to be over 100 Ibs and extremely obese. And in the case of Eliza Butterworth, it's certain the London based actress didn't opt for any of the surgeries. This proves that Butterworth conclusively relied on healthy diet and extreme workouts.

Meanwhile, the DCI Banks star is reported to be dating her co-star Alexander Dreymon. But, is there any evidence to support the speculation?

Is There Any Affair Between Eliza Butterworth and Alexander Dreymon?

Both Eliza and Alexander Dreymon met on the set of The Last Kingdom where the German actor plays the character of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Funnily, here's how the speculations for these two began.

The Last Kingdom star Eliza Butterworth and Alexander Dreymon celebrates Easter together. SOURCE: Instagram (elizabutterworth)

The bond and friendship between Butterworth and Dreymon were developed obviously on the series set. But when both of them shared a bunch of adorable pictures of themselves earlier this year in April on the occasion of Easter, their fans were quick to jump to the conclusion.

The truth, however, is that none of them are dating although the ten years of their age difference is no valid reason. What we mean is that Butterworth is currently dating boyfriend James Moore, a regular guy unlike Butterworth, who keeps his personal life lowkey from the public.

Eliza Butterworth and boyfriend, James Moore. SOURCE: Instagram (elizabutterworth)

Although Butterworth and Dreymon are not dating, one can't deny the cuteness the duo shares in their friendship.

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