Home Article Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder; Learn his inspirational story including his Relationships and Career

Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder; Learn his inspirational story including his Relationships and Career

Updated On 12 Sep, 2017 Published On 11 Sep, 2017
Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder; Learn his inspirational story including his Relationships and Career

American Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder; Learn his inspirational story including his Relationships( Dating life, Girlfriend) and Career

Bradley Snyder is the inspirational American professional swimmer, who lost his both eyes while he was in the Navy at the age of 27. And now he's two times gold medalist, competing at the Paralympics and also holds a world record for the 100m freestyle swimming.

Most of you might be wondering whether this brave and influential person has someone special in his life to motivate him, perhaps a girlfriend or a wife but the swimmer hasn't revealed much about his personal life and affairs or about who he's dating.

So, today let's talk more about his personal life and career in today's section.

Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder; Dating life and Girlfriend

The 33-year-old swimmer Brad Snyder takes life as it comes and he was never demoralized due to his disability and while he's facing all the challenges in his day to day life along with his guide dog, beautiful German Shepard, Gizzy Dog, he's perhaps too involved in his work and career, he doesn't have time to date anyone

Paralympic swimmer Brad Snyder, Source: US Weekly

Also, he's not married and super focused on his career. His family, father Michael Snyder and other Valarie are very supportive of him and his work.

He's fiercely independent as despite his disability, he likes to do everything on his own which motivates us all.

Bradley Snyder with his guide dog, Gizzy, Source: Instagram

His best friend and partner is his guide dog, Gizzy and he takes her everywhere he goes. Another interesting fact about him is that after losing his eyes, he received two prosthetic eyes that are painted to look exactly like his sister's eyes.

So, this explains that Brad is a family man and he'd make a wonderful husband and father some day. 

All in all, we wish the swimmer best wishes for his future endeavors and hope he soon finds the perfect wife for him and starts a beautiful family together.

Bradley Snyder Career

After graduating from United States Naval Academy in 2006, Bradley joined US Navy. While attending the academy he was the captain of the swim team.

However, he didn't go for swimming, instead, he became a lieutenant in the Navy and served in Afghanistan as an explosive ordnance disposal officer.

Unfortunately, he lost both of his eyes after accidentally stepping on an IED while helping the victims of another bombing. The explosion not only damaged his eyes but also shattered his eardrum but he recovered after three weeks treatment.

Brad Snyder takes a deep breath after a heat in the 400-meter freestyle race at the U.S. Paralympic trials on June 30 in Charlotte, N.C., Source: LATimes

After the full recovery, he participated in May 2012 Warrior Games and won four gold medals in swimming and bagged three gold medals in track and field.

Later on, he participated in 2012's U.S Paralympics Swimming Trials in Bismarck, North Dakota completing 400-m freestyle and later joined 2012 Summer Paralympics and hold the world record for the 100-m freestyle among blind athletes.

He's a four times gold medalist in Paralympic, Source: TeamUSA

Eventually, he went on to win two gold medals in Paralympic Games. He also competed at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

He has published a memoir entitled Fire in My Eyes: An American Warrior's Journey from being Blinded on the Battlefield to Gold Medal Victory, which sold a number of copies. 

Quick Facts about Bradley Snyder

  • Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Bradley Snyder is the popular American swimmer on the United States Paralympic team.
  • Has won two gold medals at London Paralympics and one silver at London Paralympics along with three Gold and one silver at Rio Olympics.
  • Attended Northeast High School and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2006 with a degree in naval architecture.
  • His coach is Brian Loeffler and currently, he lives in Baltimore, along with his family and a German shepherd guide dog, Gizzy.
  • He stands tall at the height of 5'9" and weighs 160 lb.
  • Apart from swimming, he loves playing guitar.
  • In 2007, he completed the Great Floridian Triathlon, which is an Ironman-distance race conducted near Orlando.
  • He has two food weaknesses, Coca-Cola and Spaghetti, which he can't resist eating.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $0.4 million.

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