Home Article Is Camille Kostek Married To Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski?

Is Camille Kostek Married To Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski?

Updated On 04 Nov, 2020 Published On 04 Nov, 2020
Is Camille Kostek Married To Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski?

Camille Kostek is one multi-faceted woman, without a single doubt. There's not a single thing the blonde beauty aka Kostek can not do. And, only the luckiest man will get to bag someone like Camille. These two have been indeed dating for years. So, are they considering to make the big move? Here's what you need to know.

Camille Kostek Met Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski In 2013

Five years together and stronger in 2020, model Camille Kostek has been dating her long-term boyfriend Rob Gronkowski since 2015. However, their love story only began two years after Camille met Rob for the first time in late 2013 which makes their story pretty interesting.

As a matter of fact, it was at a Thanksgiving charity event organized by Patriots where Camille locked her eyes at Rob IRL for the first time. If only, Camille had known what the future held for her and Rob to be in her life in the nearest future.

The face you make when you're dating the hottest woman alive. Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski. SOURCE: E! News

But, even if it did take two slow years for Camille and her partner to fall in love, it all started with a friendship that slowly turned into something more and special for the lovebirds that they ended up catching feelings.

A couple of dates later as things improved from one thing to another, Camille realized Rob was actually a genuine guy and fell head over heels for the athlete who currently plays for  Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She knew she was in love.

Not long after they came out as a couple, Camille even moved in to live together with Gronkowski as the two purchased a home in Florida. The pair, however, previously lived in Foxborough, Norfolk, Massachusetts, though. Things obviously seem pretty serious with Rob as the Kirby Jenner actress is originally from Connecticut.

Are Camille Kostek & Rob Gronkowski Getting Married?

To be concerned about the fact that Camille Kostek and her beloved boyfriend Rob Gronkowski have been hopelessly in love for the past five years, there's a high chance that the actress' fans can see her walk down the aisle with her partner soon.

Actress Camille Kostek and her boyfriend Rob Gronkowski smiles for a picture. SOURCE: Instagram

The fans, however, don't know the dates to when Camille will get married to her sweetheart. In the meantime, the two are definitely not engaged yet. As a matter of fact, Gronkowski is yet to get down on his knees, buy an enormous diamond ring and ask for Camille's hand in marriage.

But, obviously, it looks as Camille and Rob want to have fun without pressuring each other to make the life-changing move and holds no intention to rush things. And, even when it does happen, Camille and her future potent husband will definitely share the exciting news with the fans.

Imagine the beautiful babies these two attractive human beings will make. Other than that, there's no denying the fact that Gronkowski is one lucky dude out there. He scored a big one here with finding his true love.

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